"Rolling Bed of Pins"

Lying on a bed of nails, walking barefoot on broken glass - these practices are very old. Yogis lie on beds of nails as part of their religious tradition. They also sleep on thorns and shards of glass.

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Physically, the benefits of walking and lying on glass or nails include relaxation and stimulation. Magicians sometimes perform such demonstrations as part of their shows.

How can you lie on a bed of nails and not be injured? The secret to this phenomenon has a scientific explanation. Consider... If you step on a single nail, Ouch! It will pierce your skin. Your whole body weight is concentrated on one nail-point - thus there is extreme pressure, a puncture wound, and pain.

Tonya using the Rolling bed of Pins on her scalpBut now, a “bed” of nails...Now, your body's weight is distributed over dozens or hundreds of nails. The force you've put on each individual nail is drastically reduced. Hence... no injury. In fact, lying on a bed of nails produces a very invigorating effect. It's not magic, it's physics!

The “Rolling Bed of Pins” stimulates surface blood flow using a series of small pins in a rolling action. You roll it against your facial skin in any direction that seems comfortable. Do the same for your scalp. (many notice increased hair growth.) Actually you can use this device for any area of your body to reduce pain and increase the healing effect of good blood circulation. The deeper the needles penetrate, the more stimulation you receive.

Use the Rolling Bed as often as your skin permits, ideally every day. It will leave the skin instantly brighter and clearer- looking.

Important Notes:

--Store the Bed of Pins in a cool, dry place away from direct heat sources
Use on clean skin before applying any kind of lotion or ointment
--If the Bed of Pins gets wet or soiled, clean using liquid bath soap, and when finished blow dry it.

               Rejuvenator up close

The Rolling Bed uses two types of needles - copper and iron. Some of the iron needles are plated with zinc. Some copper needles are plated in silver. As a result, four different metals come into contact with your skin.

As we all know, blood is among the most important fluids in the human body. Metals in micro-doses are part of your blood's makeup. Trace elements - including these metals - are vital for our well being. The beneficial effect of the “Rolling Bed” begins when the tips of the Rolling Bed's needles are differently charged, producing galvanic current at the contact points on the skin.

In addition, blood rushes to your skin's surface, repairing and rejuvenating your skin, resolving certain skin problems and stimulating cells with a minuscule current. If these metals are missing from the body, and from the skin cells in particular, they will absorb through the skin. It is especially good for stimulating hair growth when applied on your scalp.

Using the “Rolling Bed of Pins” causes electrophoresis of metals to take place, and the body assimilates the missing microelements. The term electrophoresis describes the migration of charged particles in an electric field. Electro refers to the energy of electricity. Phoresis, from the Greek phoros, means "to carry across." Thus electrophoresis is the process in which molecules are forced across skin, moved by an electrical current. The needle tips act as electrodes. During contact with the needle tips, this galvanic current passes through to the deeper skin layers, where biochemical reactions take place.

Tonya with the Rolling bed of PinsYou can use the Rolling Bed not only on your face and scalp, but on any other part of your body. The Rolling Bed promotes healing and releases pain. In 1971, New York Times columnist James Reston visited China and there personally witnessed surgical operations in which acupuncture was the only anesthetic. The Rolling Bed works in a much similar way. All you have to do is to roll the Bed along an aching area and the pain often leaves within minutes.

Use your Rolling Bed gently, evenly, smoothly. You'll feel no scratching or gouging - only a calming, soothing effect. As long as you roll along the surface, the pins touch your skin but never pierce it. Blood comes closer to your skin but never contacts the needles. The Rolling Bed is completely noninvasive - there is absolutely no possibility of blood-related infection.

I carry my Rolling Bed with me all the time - at home and on the road. When I have an extra minute, I take it out and use it on my face. Your Rolling Bed will give you a young girl's rosy cheeks.

I'm so sure you'll be delighted that I'll give you 100% guarantee. Use the Rolling Bed daily for one month. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the results, I'll give you full refund minus shipping and handling, no questions asked! Try the Rolling Bed - I know you'll love it!

The Amazing Skin Rejuvenator is Available for Sale!