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RejuvaRoll vs. Derma Roller

Visitors to my website sometimes ask whether our product, RejuvaRoll is the same thing as the Derma Roller.

What's the difference? Which is better?

Let's compare before we contrast ...

The premise behind both rollers--our RejuvaRoll (pictured first) and its competitor, the Derma Roller--is a dermatological treatment called "skin micro-needling", also known as collagen induction therapy.

Micro-needling is used for an extensive number of skin issues: reducing wrinkles ... improving the appearance of acne and surgical scars ... help with stretch marks ... reducing cellulite ... combating hair loss and signs of aging ... and improving uneven, pitted skin.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Both devices use micro needles to stimulate circulation and encourage collagen production in pursuit of these ends.

Micro-needling is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy, effective for skin collagen production and skin repair. Properly accomplished, micro-needling encourages collagen production and enhanced skin repair by creating microscopic trauma to the upper layers of the skin. This light “damage” causes the blood vessels and skin to rejuvenate itself, due to the need for increased collagen and elastin formation for repair. It’s important that this stimulation be both regular and controlled in order to achieve the right results. 

Difference between RejuvaRoll and Derma Roller.

The Derma Roller, its distributors say, is intended to pierce the skin slightly, opening it up to allow for better absorption of the “vitamin creams” that are sold with the device. In fact, before using the Derma Roller, your skin must be prepped beforehand with an antibacterial solution.

RejuvaRoll is completely noninvasive, it does not pierce the skin. You don’t have to sterilize your skin first or apply any healing ointments afterwards in order to help heal your skin. You can read all about exactly how RejuvaRoll works here.  No Piercing. No Vitamin Creams!

RejuvaRoll Offers Benefits of Electrophoresis:

The Derma Roller has 192 surgical steel micro-needles. Our own roller has 490 micro-pins comprised of copper and iron, for a gentler, noninvasive action. Some of the iron needles are plated in zinc and some of the copper needles are plated in silver. This allows for a beneficial process called electrophoresis to take place—a unique benefit the Derma Roller doesn’t offer. 

Better durability, skin modulation and comfort:

The RejuvaRoll is superior in quality and craftsmanship. You’ll find in our RejuvaRoll a durable wooden handle, stainless steel moving parts, and a flexible pin bed. The cylinder of our RejuvaRoll is soft and pliable—not rigid, as with the Derma Roller. I believe you will find RejuvaRoll much more comfortable when applied to your skin.

We have received many high praises for our roller.  You can read the reviews here.