February 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

March 2nd, 2011

February 2011 Raw Food Testimonials


Hi Tonya, I am a big fan of your products--they are so natural and silky and absorbent.  I was wondering if there any new products on the horizon.  In particular, a hair oil. –R.


I have been trying to stick to my beauty regimen and really love your mask.  On days when I don't have time to use the Violet Ray, I have been lying on a slant board and then when I am finished I apply your scalp tonic. I am really enjoying your oral balm, it is refreshing and a pleasure to use. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful products. –G.


Hi Tonya!  Quantum Eating has changed my life, you are such an inspiration!  Finally I don't feel alone or like a crazy person for my beliefs about eating and living healthfully.  I am planning on ordering the violet ray to use on my sun damaged face, but I was wondering if it would help nerve damage as well. Thanks for everything! Love, --K.B.


Hi, Tonya – my husband and I have been on a raw regimen for two years this coming July.  Among the many books we’ve enjoyed, your Quantum Eating has been the most informative; as a result, we are setting new goals weekly to achieve a higher level of eating…Your skin and hair products are wonderful … being a redhead, my skin is ultra sensitive to any fragrance, so I can only use your clay mask about 2 times a week, without feeling a burning sensation after its use.  Is there an alternative you could suggest for daily facial cleansing that’s as effective as your clay mask – WITHOUT any added essential oil or fragrance?  Your beauty cream is fine to use every day of the week, however, and makes my skin feel GREAT!  My husband uses all your products, as well – I’ve never seen his face and hair look so good.  And that rolling bed of pins … YIKES!!! Don’t know how we ever got along without it!

Thanks for your pioneering/engineering talents – you’ve made a difference in millions of lives. With gratitude and appreciation, --B. & D. W.


Tonya I recently started Bikram yoga and it is truly amazing - coupled with my daily green smoothies - feeling fantastic. Your Raw Food and Hot Yoga book inspired me :). –E.


HI Tonya, I was wanted to let you know that I downloaded your Right to Be Beautiful book and am absolutely LOVING it. It is so inspiring!!!!!!! You look absolutely amazing, truly beautiful and a radiantly gorgeous glow!! You actually mention in your book about oriental diagnosis which I found fascinating.—S.C.


I am in love with your facial cream ... it is the best - my skin has stopped flaking and breaking out. It feels as soft as a baby's bottom! Thanks for your dedication! Sincerely, --L.S.


My dear Tonya, thank you for the wonderful knowledge and products and for the excellent customer service.  You are blessed to have Penny, Nick and your other team members. Warmest regards, --G.H.


Tonya, it has taken me many months to begin to use the dry facial brush and the masque removing brush as part of my daily routine. I am not especially looking for 'beauty'' but rather for healthy looking skin. Since December 2010, when I finally began to routinely use the facial brushes, I have definitely observed an improvement in the tone and appearance of my face and neck area.

Additionally, the blackheads that I have had for 66 years are not as large ... I don't know whether this is directly related to my use of the facial brushing or if my skin is changing due to my age; however, I do know that I will continue to use the facial brushes for the remainder of my life. Thank you and God Bless, --C.K.


Dear Tonya-My husband…saw you give a talk in Edgewater NJ... he brought home your face cream and I fell in love with it! He wanted to thank you again for speaking with him 1 on 1... and now I am a fan too... cant wait to try some of your new products. Warm regards, --N.


Dear Tonya, your skin looks amazing! I have never seen somebody with a healthy skin like yours. I feel inspired with your videos. I hope that your products work for me too. My friends pay for Botox but I can't afford it. I see that it doesn't last and their skin doesn't have the beautiful glow like yours. I can't wait to try your products. Thanks.


After reading all of Tonya's books, that's what I gathered.  I plan on drinking lots of green smoothies and juicing!  My life changed for the better after reading all of her books. So grateful :) –R.