Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (December 2009)



Dear Tonya,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the quality work you've done in researching and writing on health and developing such fine products. I've just completed your last book, Raw Food and Hot Yoga; I must say, your work has been life changing for me! ... I've had tremendous results in the past two weeks.

I also have enjoyed dry fasting although I haven't reached the levels you've spoken of.

I'm grateful for the time of transition and as you've advised, have taken it a bit slower. If I get some juices in the late afternoon or a green smoothie, I feel great. Not drinking water has been the more significant change for me. The other thing is the change in sleep patterns and just getting used to having more time.

Thank you again for putting so much of your time and energy in teaching people like me. I truly respect all that you have done and prayerfully hope you are truly blessed physically, socially, financially, spiritually....in every dimension. I shared the cream with several friends and family members; everyone just loved it!!! --Suzy


I am 47 years old and noticed that for at least 15 years or more now, I have been having trouble with my hair falling out, I believe too much. My hair is not in the condition that I want it at all. But, I bought your hair tonic and I noticed that my hair stopped falling out with regular use. I haven't had it long enough to notice growth, but the hindrance of hair loss is a great start. Thank you for your hard work and research. --V.


By the way, I tried the shampoo and conditioner yesterday and wow, what a difference...I love it!!! Thank you Tonya for all your hard work. --L


Thanks for your book [Quantum Eating] and all of the information you provided. I've been experiencing profound changes in my body. Have done 4 hot yoga classes. We have Moksha yoga rather than Bikram. Did the latter in Orlando though. ... It really is powerful. My sleep has been the most profound change; I also had an intense healing in my descending colon. Do you take a juice to yoga class? I haven't drank water this week and enjoy getting it from my juices and the raw foods. I think I'm going to reread that section. I'm feeling great and my skin is super soft. It's all just awesome. Thanks again....I'm looking forward to trying your shampoo. Have loved the cream and masque. --S.


I am on Day 9 [Rawsome Flex] and wanted to mention that before starting these exercises, I was losing hair at an alarming rate, when I combed my hair when I got out of the shower you could knit a sweater, there was so much left in the comb. I believe it is the hair pulling exercise which helps, I do it quite a lot throughout the day and now there is very little in my comb! The color in my skin is also much better and I am brave enough to go out without foundation and blush, a real breakthrough. --C. Y.


I am LOVING the hair tonic. I am using it morning and night and my hair looks so much thicker. I don't think I'll ever stop using this product. (just ordered the new shampoo...) I also love the mask....well, I love everything I've bought from you. Thanks a million. --S.


Firstly I want to say that I have had telephone conversations with your office and I find that Kelli and Penny are very gracious and helpful. It seems to be a rare thing to find wonderful customer service in this day and age! Thank you! --S.


Thanks a lot for highly individual, intelligent, courageous, uplifting and humourous Newsletters. I have enjoyed your talk about two? years ago in Amsterdam where you were with non-raw-yet Nick. Was very happy recently to read somewhere he's sharing your raw food diet now! --A.

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