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January 31st, 2012 by Tonya Zavasta

Best Green SmoothieGreen smoothies are a big thing in my life—I may well blast back most of a dozen a week. I make green smoothies—one recipe or another—at least once a day. A green smoothie or pudding is probably the fastest raw recipe there is.

You can find great green smoothies recipes on various posts on my blog and in my books.

Victoria Boutenko started the green smoothies movement, and it’s caught on like crazy. But in the midst of all the Yum yum! it’s easy to forget that not every green smoothie recipe is for everyone. Much depends on who you are, where you are in your nutritional development, and what your purpose is.

For starters, you don’t already have to be a raw foods aficionado to indulge in green smoothies. Pick raw green smoothie recipes with a gentle sweetness to them, and you’ve got a great summer patio drink. You need go no farther than spinach—nutritious but neutral in taste—with some cracked ice and a little fruit for sweetness and flavoring, and you’ll have a (mostly) green smoothie almost anyone will enjoy.

What about the beginner? There are many first-timers who have been fooled by a tasty, light green-hued “shake,” and left to say, “Delicious! What’s in it?” After a time, the dedicated green-smoothie fan comes to prefer recipes which offer up a fairly strong “vegetable-y” taste. For the beginner, however, leave out the more aggressive choices—radish leaves, mustard greens, earthy sprouts and the like. Chard, kale, and good old neutral spinach or lettuce are all great bases for  green smoothie recipes for beginners. Cucumber, too. A reminder: Not everything in a green-smoothie recipe has to be literally green. Add fruit in there, the final drink will still be green.

Try this recipe: make your basic all-vegetable green smoothie…blend a little blackberry or raspberry separately…pour that into the blender containing the green smoothie base…and turn the blender back on for just a second. Result: an attractive blackberry or raspberry “swirl” effect. A great green smoothie recipe that’s appealing visually as well as taste-wise.

Want to try smoothies for weight loss? Great idea. Frankly, if you’ve been a burgers and pizza person, just about anything in the fruit or vegetable line that goes in your smoothie marks a big improvement. Learn all about the benefits of green smoothies.

Celery—if you have a powerful blender that will reduce it enough, not leaving too many fibers—is a perfect ingredient: It takes more calories to digest the stuff than what it delivers. Green leafy veggies—kale, spinach, chard—deliver big nutritional punch per calorie. Watch some of the lettuces, though—none will deliver much in the way of calories, but many deliver little nutrition, as well. Go for bright colors in the vegetables you slip into your green smoothies—bright greens, reds, oranges, especially.

What’s the best green smoothie? Recipes for green smoothies abound. You’ll find some of the best in my books, on my website, in my blog posts and newsletters. But some of the very best green smoothie recipes you find will be your own. Experiment! Enjoy!

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