Seattle Raw Food Lecture

September 2nd, 2008 by Tonya Zavasta

By Kelli Haines

Beautiful, sunny weather ushered in the raw food lecture at Bastyr University on August 31, and welcomed Tonya Zavasta to her first visit to Seattle. It was hosted by The Raw Network of Washington, and kudos goes to Monika Kinsman for organizing the event. There were around 90 people in attendance.

Last night was an absolute delight in so many ways!
The 90 minute presentation was jam packed with valuable information and insights into health, beauty and anti-aging on the raw food diet, and Tonya’s own testimony enhanced and drove home the points with warmth and humor.

The audience was led through a mesmerizing journey down the super health highway, beginning with a thought provoking parable which set the tone for a delightful and informative evening, and ending with some of the latest anti-aging research and a sample of one of the facial exercises from the new ebook Rawsome Flex.

Nick’s ‘work in progress’ story was one of the many highlights, as was the green pudding that was served to the guests. The Question and Answer time during and after the lecture was met with enthusiasm, with many of the questions targeting subjects that are addressed in Tonya’s latest book Quantum Eating.

The time passed too quickly, yet those in attendance left clutching armloads of books and resources as well as a healthy dose of Tonya’s abundant supply of motivation.

My sons thought Nick was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I was amused to hear them raving about meridians and metabolic rates all the way home.

Nick and Tonya’s next stop is East Murray, Utah Sept. 6. After that, they will be at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona from Sept. 12-14.
For more information on the upcoming event and
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