Raw Food Testimonials (February 2010)



Dear Tonya,
This afternoon I walked into the Hall Center in Santa Monica just out of curiosity and discovered your book Your Right to Be Beautiful. I started reading it and next thing I knew the whole hour has gone by! I couldn't stop reading. I got home and researched your website and ended up ordering the cream special. Wow, what an amazing day it has been, I am so grateful for this discovery. Thank you so much for your incredible books and your work. Can't wait to try my cream. --N.W.


Dear Tonya, my skin has not looked so good in a very long time...I've tested and re-tested your facial cream and I have to say, with all honesty, it's the best face cream on the market that I've found...
and, it has really made a difference to use the face brush - I haven't been dry brushing with it, just using it to wash...still, that approach is clearing up some long term cysts...
I've also been using lemon juice as a peel, at night and the sea buckthorn seed oil that you sent me a link to, .... and I'm going to experiment now with your mask in the morning.....

I really appreciate your contribution.... thanks for getting my order to me SO fast... it came in two days...over a weekend.... I am also really grateful for that...and really glad you are one of the few out there that don't take advantage of the shipping cost and use the correct method for small jars.... -J.


Yay Tonya!!!! What a beautiful Half Lotus pose on your website. It inspired me to commit myself even more to my Bikram yoga practice. -A.C.


Dear Tonya, my husband and I greatly appreciate your insights into beauty and health that you share with the world. Thank you so much for bringing more light and inspiration to our planet.

We have also benefited from the products you offer on your website. We are especially thankful to have discovered the Violet Ray (we learnt about it during a talk you gave in Washington). We used both the professional and the smaller version of the product. M. and R.


LOVE your website!
I'm sure you are all swamped with emails, but I am getting ready to make my first purchase on your site. I love everything you have to offer and I'm a newbie to all this. I'm going to be ordering the Hair Care Combo and the Cream & Masque Special... Thank you for your time and for such a wonderful, inspiring and informative site. I'm just beginning and I'm sure I will be back many times in the future!- M.


Thanks, for the quick service on my recent order. I was so excited to receive my package so quickly! My ten year old daughter and I love the facial cream. It makes me hungry when I open the jar, with the yummy vanilla scent. I also love the facial brush and the rolling bed of pins. What great products! -K.N.


Dear Tonya, after being vegetarian for 30 years my husband (60) and I (53) started to eat raw one year ago-inspired by our new, young and radiant looking neighbors. I heard your lecture last summer in Amsterdam and was inspired by your stories and looks!

We feel better then ever, lost a lot of complaints next to 15 kilo’s each and gained a lot of energy. Everybody has been asking me what I do to look this radiant and if I could give a lecture. Now being an actress and a teacher it is what I do best.

Your face crème is the best I have ever tried and believe me I had them all; the whole range…. From La Prairie to the more natural Dr. Hauschka and Paul Penders . Your crème does really hydrate the skin. It is lovely and smells delicious I love your shampoo too. I do your face-exercises, brush my skin every day. Thank you for all your research Tonya. You are so good to us older girls!!- C.

Summer Special