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Get Fresh! is the best raw food magazine for people passionate about pure food, health and living life to the fullest. Good nutrition is the foundation of good health, and Get Fresh! is the only professionally-produced magazine in the world that will tell you about the diet we should all be eating - a diet based around nutrient-rich, enzyme-rich raw and living plant foods.

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...Raw Food, Hot yoga
Tonya Zavasta on the benefits of marrying two of the most powerful rejuvenating practices in existence.

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...The Foods that are Supersizing our Kids
by Dr. Douglas Graham

...Real Men Eat Raw
by Pete Vincent

...Make Peace with Your Food
Tera Warner with 12 simple strategies for overcoming compulsive and emotional eating once and for all.

...Secrets of a Raw Culinary Artist
Cherie Soria has advice for cutting the fat without cutting flavor