July 2010 Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials



Dear Tonya,
I work at the Wellness Education Center with Jeanette Cheney and attended your Lecture on July 29, 2010. I really enjoyed your presentation and bought your first two books and your Rawsome Flex, and just so you know – I am one of the ‘one in a hundred’ and am not reading ahead. I am on day 1. I also just started a 7 day juice fast today and have started using your

Your Right To Be Beautiful Facial Cream (the one you so generously gave me at the Wellness Center). I was one of the gals unloading. I LOVE IT! I put it on for the first time, after my dry brushing and bath and what a wonderful sensation and smoothness it gave my skin. And it smells so good! I am so glad there are people in the world like you and Jeanette doing this good work. Thank you for sharing your secrets and your generous gift of the facial cream. I am grateful to you and Jeanette for the difference you are making in my life. It enables one to live life rather than survive life. And what a difference it makes!
You are an Inspiration! Beautiful on Raw, -- Leslie.


Dear Tonya, I just saw you for the first time this past July in Vancouver. I am so happy that you allow people to write you. And even more that you say you won't dismiss any info given to you. I just finished your book Raw Food And Hot Yoga-I couldn't put it down and I believe it has probably saved my life. Thank you for writing it. I have only tried it once years ago and have since dismissed it because one of my raw food teachers told me that it was too much stress on the body, the heat and poses at the same time. Now I can't wait to try it again and I'm hoping it will be the catalyst to go 100% raw rather than just my current 90%. --J.


Dear Tonya, I want to congratulate you for the invention of this product. I think it is useful and unique because no one else has invented a product like this one. It not only helps with exercising the face muscle, but also helps to produce "SALIVA" which is most important to help digestive processes, and helps to heal the body. In my personal experience Dr. Ryan Drumm told me I must generate three litres of saliva each day to keep my body functioning well, so your product is helping me a lot. I must chew the full day and I am happy because your chewing gum is the best way to do it. I had nothing like this before, so once again I congratulate you and also want to thank Kelli for answering all my questions. Thanks a lot. --M.


Tonya, we were so honored by your visit to Calgary! What a great and inspiring presentation you gave! You have so much class, I love your style, your enthusiasm, your freshness! I love how much common sense you have! When you couple that with the incredible research you've done, it's an unbeatable combination. Your presentation was so lively and so engaging. I'm sure it must be difficult, doing all this traveling and being away from home, but I'm hoping that the warm welcomes you're receiving everywhere is helping make up for it. It was so nice to see you and your husband in person, and what a delicious smoothie he made! THANK YOU so much! --D.B.


Hello Tonya,
Thank you for the most uplifting and motivating newsletter you sent us yet.
I forgot about the fact that the body will take care of internal matter before taking care of the outside (skin). I have brown spots that seem to take forever to fade away, so I also loose my motivation sometimes for staying 100% raw. Reading your note just picked me up exactly where I needed it the most. --M-P.


Dear Tonya,

I want to thank you for all the amazing information you provide all your readers who want to improve themselves. I am particularly thankful for Sylvie’s story you shared with us in your latest newsletter. As you know I have been on the raw food journey for 5 months now and was getting very impatient with results I was wanting. I guess I want to have what you have and have to constantly remind myself that you didn’t get where you are in a few short months…..I also love comments from your readers you post on your site so we can see what is working for others. It is one such comment that got me to get stuck into face brushing even though I tried it a couple of times and didn’t like it. Now I do it religiously and love it! My skin needs a lot of improvement but I have hope that I will get there.

I just ordered your chewing gum and am so excited you came up with this product as I am converted to the principle of chewing and I wanted a convenient way to clean my teeth after drinking my smoothies. I usually rinse and brush as you suggest in your book but when you’re out in public it’s not convenient to do that.

You really do think of every aspect of beauty and health and I am soooo grateful for the way you have dedicated yourself to making a difference in this field. If ever I have a question about any aspect of health I go to your books and you always make so much sense because of your thorough research. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Can’t wait to see you in January in Sydney!!! --C.A.


Tonya. I swear you’re a genius!!! Three days of quantum eating and no puffy eyes in the morning anymore! It’s just amazing………
My weight loss has been rather slow on what I was doing (80% raw) so I felt I needed to step up…….went 100% and stopped eating at 3 pm. It’s only been 3 days but I am certain the weight will start to come off quicker. I’ll let you know in a month’s time how it’s going. I want to look decent when I meet you in January! Thank you once again for being you! --C.

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