December 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

January 7th, 2012 by Tonya Zavasta

Autumn and Winter Produce12/30/2011

Dear Tonya, :) I saw your testimony on YouTube and it was so heart felt, I saw the amount of effort you had put into strengthening your hips and I had to say, you did an extraordinary job, keep inspiring people, it led me to look for you on facebook, it’s truly inspiring! :) –A.Z.


Hello, I want to start off by thanking you for changing my life, health, and happiness. I have been predominately raw for over 7 years now after reading your first book, and I have to tell you that I wake up everyday feeling fantastic. I am in my LATE 20’s and just yesterday a neighbor guessed my age at 14! From my example alone, I have influenced countless friends and family, and I believe the circle will just keep widening.

Clean living is such a blessing. I know that I have the diet part down, and I also choose to live simply, but recently I have had this gnawing feeling in my gut about spirituality. I know from your books that this is important to you, and I truly believe that you have an opportunity to have some serious influence on us. The way you write is so beautiful and convincing- it is my hope that if you were to write a book on Christianity it could have the same life-changing effect over so many of us as your diet books did. I just wanted to be one more voice to prompt you to consider it, just in case you were thinking about this and needed a little more push. Thank you once again for sharing all your knowledge and wisdom. Please know that you are making a huge impact on so many of us. Cheers, –M.



Thank you for connecting with me, Tonya. Your work with quantum eating and dry fasting is truly inspiring me to take my diet and life to the next level!—K.S.



Thank you for the hair tonic. It works really well.  I was using Rogaine which, according to many people on the web, causes under-eye bags/pockets to appear.–E.



I love your facial cream so much!! I recommend it all the time to friends, family, and strangers. :-) –S.



I’ve used your hair tonic for the last month and it has literally stopped my hair loss!  I also love the fact I can use it in the morning after shampooing and it doesn’t make my hair oily or limp. I just ordered and received your shampoo and conditioner, so I’m hoping with the 3 items I will now start to see some hair growth. –S.



Hi, Tonya, I am excited and look forward to reading your new book. Currently, I am rereading all your books. I am awed with the beauty, truth and passion in your books.

It really has been a life changing experience for me.  I love your honesty….very refreshing. –V.



Several years ago my health failed and as I searched the Internet for help. I blundered upon the Raw family and fell in love with the Boutenko’s. I was devastated when the family went in different directions. As a matter of fact I first heard of you through Victoria Boutenko and have read most of your books. I have also searched for info from Hallelujah Acres and read Hippocrates Health Institute magazine for years…

I am interested in learning all that I can and I love your comparisons.  I always wonder where you are going when you start sharing your side and comparing it with other opinions and I am never disappointed. Your honesty, your wit and your command of the English language leave me speechless. I was born and raised here, I am 70+ years old and I have trouble expressing myself. You are amazing. You are a perfect role model for raw eating. I have read Quantum Eating and agree with you concerning beauty and nutrition. Your skin is beautiful, your tummy is flat and your waist is small. Hmmm I have a long way to go and a short time to get there but I am working on it.

I feel that raw is the way to go but being old, living in a remote area and on a low income I have been unable to do so. My situation is very similar to those you describe in Russia trying to eat raw. I just don’t have access to enough fresh produce and forget the organic stuff. I go to Sam’s once a month and stock up on carrots, celery and salad greens. A few bananas and if the other fruit is decent I get a little of it but before the month is over… well, I do the best I can with what I have.

BTW I love your hair and skincare products. I enjoyed using the “old” cream and I also enjoy the “new” cream. I have rosacea and I have read Sea Buckthorn oil is good for it sooo I am hoping for a miracle. Depending on you to keep me informed…Keep up the good work.



Best newsletter yet!  Please share more information–these direct email quotes from raw foodists were SOOO inspiring! Along with listing their varying diets, this was a great newsletter!! –R.



Dear Tonya,  thank you for the wonderful, healthy information:-). I’m feeling beautiful outside and inside thanks to Your information and recommendation. Waiting for the next Newsletter about Raw food and beauty. The best wishes, –E.



I will be 50 in two weeks. I just started performing the facial exercises a week ago and can already see some difference. There is already a slight lift above my eyes, my nose looks different, and the droop is not as pronounced on the upper sides of my mouth. I drive a lot at night and do the exercises in the car (no one can see me!) that don’t require my hands. Others I fit in here and there when I have a minute of privacy during the day. So I am getting most of the exercises in multiple times each day. I can’t wait to see what a month of these exercises will do for me. You look absolutely beautiful and are a great inspiration. –J.

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