Solutions to Broken Capillaries

Solutions to Broken Capillaries

Broken CapillariesThe raw food diet together with facial exercises will bring visible changes in your skin and the contours of your face. Should you avoid facial exercises if you have broken capillaries on your face?

Why do Capillaries Break?

As skin ages, it becomes more fragile and prone to broken capillaries which appear as a skein of thin, wavy red lines, especially around the nose and cheeks. Time weakens the capillary walls, allowing them to rupture and seep blood, which pools in neighboring tissues instead of staying tightly contained. When these blood vessels lose their elasticity and collapse, they become visible on the surface of the skin as broken capillaries or spider veins.

Preventative Measures

Broken capillaries are medically known as 'telangectasias'. Dry, delicate or mature skin that is thin and fragile is most susceptible to broken capillaries. Overly abrasive cleansers, alcohol, caffeine, some medications, harsh cosmetics, forceful massage, cold weather, extreme winds, overexposure to the sun and spicy foods can all be triggers. Avoiding foods or conditions which damage these tiny, fragile components of our skin is only one side of the coin. Being proactive in combating broken capillaries is also important.

Raw Foods to the Rescue

Facial exercises work. But why eat raw foods? If you do facial exercises combined with deep massaging, this will greatly improve circulation and rejuvenate your skin; however, it can damage and break capillaries. Please, realize only weakened capillaries can be broken. If you are not eating a lot of raw foods, you will be at greater risk. You will be missing out, not taking advantage of the single most powerful anti-aging technique ever known. Stimulating your facial muscles will also help metabolize fat deposits and retained water.

Strengthen Your Skin From the Inside

You must strengthen your skin tissues from the inside to protect them from becoming so fragile. If you do not eat raw and avoid facial exercise for fear you will break a capillary, you will end up with no improvements in your aging face. If we want to look good in our mature years, raw food is definitely the way to go.

One of the ways that the raw food diet is helpful in maintaining the health of skin is because it is naturally high in bioflavonoids, which work synergistically with Vitamin C to maintain healthy capillaries, promote collagen production, support the immune system and aid in wound healing.

Improve Blood Circulation to Your Skin

Improved circulation is necessary for dealing with and preventing broken capillaries. Facial dry brushing will help accomplish this, but be sure to start very gently, and slowly work your way up to firmer and longer sessions.

Facial Brush for Glowing Complexion

Facial Brush

for glowing complexion

Daily use of the Violet Ray is a much healthier alternative than any type of laser therapy or cosmetic procedures. This device intensifies fresh blood circulation. The extra flow of blood equalizes the circulation in crowded areas, helping heal bruised and damaged tissue.

The Violet Ray

The Violet Ray

for skin and hair

If you are troubled with broken capillaries, or if you simply want to prevent them in later years, now is the time. It is up to you to make use of the raw food lifestyle and the helpful methods I am sharing with you. When you do, you will experience wonderful benefits both inside and out!