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Facial Strigil… The Missing Link to Glowing Complexion

Our Beautiful on Raw Facial Strigil a remarkable beauty tool based on ancient exfoliation practices. Thousands are already using it with great results. The Facial Strigil helps to “unglue” dead dry skin cells from your skin’s surface and give your skin a shiny and glossy appearance.


The History Behind This Technique

Ancient Greeks and Romans applied oil to the skin and used a dull, metal tool, known as a strigil, to scrape off all the dirt and extra oil. They probably didn’t know much about the science of dead cells but this procedure would remove them in abundance.

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Strigil scraping noticeably speeds the cell renewal rate, giving you new skin in a matter of minutes. Scrape as often as your skin will permit without becoming irritated. Gradually you can build up to where you can scrape every day, even twice a day.


What is Glow?

When you look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is the epidermis. The outermost layer consists of 25 to 40 layers of dead and dying cells. Experiments with human cell cultures show normal cells stop dividing when they touch their neighbors. To speed up the process of the reproduction of new cells, dead cells must be removed.

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Be especially gentle as you begin your new regime, till you judge just the right pressure for your skin. The experience is invigorating, and the improvement in the skin for most people almost immediate.

How to Use Strigil?

First, apply a good moisturizer on your face and décolleté area. Then hold the Strigil by the thicker edge and make repeated scraping strokes, applying pressure on your lubricated face and décolleté area with the thinner (sharper) edge. Remember to make gentle, upward “scraping” movements—you’re not cutting or sawing.


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Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl is the perfect material for your skin stimulation. It’s thin enough to create a gentle peeling and stimulating action, thick enough for ease in handling. It holds a safe edge, never too sharp. And it’s all-natural, biologically neutral in every way.

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The Strigil versus the Gua Sha Tool

While our Strigil was inspired by Gua Sha technique, it’s different in its effect on the facial skin. Strigil scraping will give you all the benefits of Gua Sha—and more. One side of the Strigil is dull, just as in Gua Sha tool, but it’s at least twice thinner. This makes it more fitting for facial use. The other side of the Strigil side is individually honed by hand to just the right degree of of precisión—not too sharp—to make it ideal for facial massaging and exfoliating at the same time. Our Strigil is unique in its effects on facial tissues, and in the pleasant sensation it delivers. When you use it, you’ll know it’s working. And you’ll like it!


Avoid Wrinkles Indefinitely with Strigil