Good Morning Tonya, its a simple message of thank you :))  I love receiving your newsletter and have for quite a few years now.  I have read I think most of your books and well, you are a part of my… Read more
I follow you since 2013, and have been doing it with overflowing joy ever since❤️.You are a living wonder of natural beauty of which we are all dreaming or dreaming of secretly deep in our hearts! I… Read more
I have been a longtime subscriber, since your first book came out. I own all of your books and I gain much wisdom from them...I found you in my early forties and incorporated many of your techniques… Read more
I asked my son for RAWSOME FLEX for Christmas.  I saw it on the internet when I was searching for eye lid exercises.  I am in my 80's and had drooping eyelids and sunken  eyes.  Just wanted to tell… Read more
I've read your entire book.... Really.... I don't know what to say.... A beautiful book....a wonderful book.... I'm from Saudi Arabia..... and this information is rare. What I got from your book… Read more
Dear Tonya, Nick and Co - you are so great! Thank you so much for the super fast shipping, and I'm LOVING every single product I ordered. The quality and customer service are excellent, what a… Read more
Hello! I just got my order today, so fast, so beautifully packed w/eco friendly materials! Thank you so much!!! Somehow in my last move, I stopped ordering from you, I know not why, but am really… Read more
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I am a very long-time fan and “student” of yours. I first became interested in raw foods back around 2008. I was in my mid-late 20’s and looking for ways to lose baby weight and become more healthy,… Read more
It is hard to stay young in the stressful world. Thank you for providing healthy products that help us to do that!