I feel so fortunate to have read your books, incorporated many of your beauty techniques, and met you in person, as, in my opinion, you are one-of-a-kind AMAZING‼️. I admire SO many things about you… Read more
I am an avid fan. You are my number 1 among all beauty/health gurus. I wish togo to any talk you will have even if I fly across the world. 
Hi TonyaFirst I must say you are living proof of your diet, lifestyle and beauty regime. Without doubt the most beautiful, youthful-looking 66 year old woman I have ever seen. I have just bought '… Read more
Hello Tonya,I feel that we are in desperate need of positive female role models in our society. There are so many products and things for sale and it's overwhelming. I have read all of your books and… Read more
I just finished reading 2 of Tonya’s AMAZING books, and I am reading 2 more, she has a brilliant analytical mind and she is Beautiful! ♥️ I was already raw food vegan, who uses natural beauty… Read more
I’m 74..I’ve been brushing & strigiling & rejuvarolling & masking & have seen very nice results...A few weeks ago I visited my sons in Chicago & they teased me that I had had… Read more
Tonya, the books I’ve bought from you have been eye openers.  After reading them I blessed them to other folk who wanted to know how to change their lifestyle in a positive way and also interested in… Read more
I absolutely love your RejuvaCups.  I used them religiously.  I can’t say enough how much I love them.  Your books and example of eating raw have changed my life. After two months on fruits I’m… Read more
This will be my 3rd time ordering multiple jars of this magic. I live in Arizona and the climate here is quite dry. In the past, I was unable to wear thick face creams because it would make my face… Read more
Thought you might enjoy the following comment that my husband made.  He said I have the nicest skin of any of our friends he knows. And I am 75!  My response was "You can thank Tonya Zavasta".  So… Read more