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Hair Loss Causes

Diet changes hair. When you change your diet, you’re guaranteed to undergo hair replacement. Most folks switching to a healthier diet initially report some hair loss shortly after they switch. Some panic, deciding they’re not getting enough of some important nutrient, or that they might be doing something wrong.

Once you’ve decided to and are actively are including more raw foods into your diet, you start consuming more nutrients than, in some cases, entire neighborhoods! If you do drop some hair, nutritional deficiency likely isn’t the cause. This is the stage where people tend to say raw food “doesn’t work” and revert to old eating habits. Unwise! This is the time to educate yourself.

Hair Basics

Hair growth and texture is always sensitive to change, especially to a change in diet. It even responds to life changes. Example: relocation. You move to a new town where the tap water contains different minerals than your body is used to absorbing. Variations in the levels of zinc, magnesium, proteins and fatty acids can all cause hair loss.

Hair grows actively for a time, then rests. At the end of the rest cycle, it falls out, usually having been replaced by new growth. Problems arise when something disrupts this natural order, causing your hair to enter the rest cycle and fall out before new growth is ready to replace it. Hair loss like this is a common reaction to lifestyle variations.

Do you know what a hair screening is? It’s a drug test. The test uses a small hair sample—actually, a sample from the follicle, to identify specific drugs used by the person tested. The hair follicle test detects drug molecules and their metabolites. The most common type hair follicle screen traces back about three months, depending on your hair’s growth rate. As you can easily imagine, your hair has also recorded your nutrition.

How Diet Affects Your Hair

A change in diet, such as switching to all-raw or high-raw diet, may cause hair loss as the body cleanses itself of old toxins and builds stronger healthier follicles that will eventually transform into healthier, more luxurious hair.  But to get to this kind of hair, you will have to wait until all the hair you grew while on your cooked food diet has been replaced. The quality of your hair will be quite different on the raw food diet. Your hair records your eating pattern. As your diet changes, your hair changes. If a change in diet is abrupt, the change in the hair is also abrupt. Too abrupt a change and you create a breakage point. So make diet changes in small gradual steps.

Hair Loss Solutions

When your hair’s ready to leave your head, let it go. Do not cry over it. Your hair represents your past. Your goal: to grow healthy new hair. But what does healthy hair really mean? It’s hair that cannot easily be pulled out or broken off when the strand is pulled apart. That strength is our hair’s natural inheritance. If you didn’t inherit perfect hair genes, you can still improve your hair’s lot.

One of my readers contacted me saying that taking protein powder helped to minimize her hair loss. But let’s consider what exactly is happening here. It’s not that we need lots of protein. Extra protein actually slows the detox process, which may explain why consuming extra protein while detoxing will slow the hair loss. I don't consume much protein, getting all of it from the soaked nuts that I eat with my morning juice, and adding ground hemp seeds to my raw shakes. And I have the best hair I ever had. Why? Because I’m beyond the detoxification process. The same will happen to you.

Persevere, and you’ll soon start seeing new hair coming to replace the old. You’ll look in the mirror one day and see soft new hair growth sticking out around your head, looking like a dandelion flower ready to release its seeds—a good sign new, stronger, healthier hair is on its way, thanks to raw foods.

Medical Conditions that Cause Hair Loss

Some medical conditions can cause hair loss. These should be considered if your growth pattern doesn’t re-establish itself within a normal time. Gastro-intestinal problems, thyroid conditions, and anemia can all cause you to lose your hair. There are also natural forms of baldness that can be attributed to heredity. Alopecia areata is an auto-immune condition, and in its most virulent form causes the loss of all body and facial hair and requires medical attention. See a health professional to verify whether or not there is a medical condition involved.

Best Raw Foods for Your Hair

For overall hair health, include in your diet: sulfur foods (onions, radishes, hemp seeds, aloe vera)… silicon foods (cucumbers, red peppers, and other shiny-skinned produce)…vitamin A foods (carrots, arugula, papaya)…zinc foods (coconut, nuts and seeds)…vitamin C (citrus fruits)…vitamin E (avocado and olives)…and so on. In short, all raw foods! In general terms, consider that just about every raw plant food offers something good for your body and your hair—even though, for some particular foods, science has yet to map those benefits.

Healthy blood, in conjunction with a healthy scalp, determines the state of your hair and its rate of growth.

It appears that, in the absence of a true medical condition, people improving their diet or embarking on the raw food diet/lifestyle can anticipate some hair loss, especially if they go raw overnight. They can also expect subsequent improvements in their overall hair health if they eat a diet rich in greens, and throw in a solid dose of patience.

My advice: Go through the process. Not only are you being nourished better, as you adjust to an all-raw or high-raw diet, but your whole body is detoxifying, too—and your hair is part of that process. You will succeed. Your hair will be healthier. Indeed, you’ll be rewarded with the best hair of your life. But, don’t be passive. Don’t make excuses. Instead, actively give your scalp and your hair the best attention.

Violet Ray (High Frequency Device)

I know of nothing better than the Violet Ray for dealing with hair loss. I’ve been using it daily since 2006 on my scalp and it helps my hair grow strong. Do understand, however: It takes four to six weeks at the start, maybe even longer to see results. 

The Violet Ray

For skin and hair.

To keep your scalp healthy, your blood has to be able to come close to the follicles. One way to achieve this is by utilizing different scalp stimulating procedures. The abundance of capillaries and blood vessels in the scalp make it extra important to have good circulation in this area to provide hair with the nutrients it needs to grow and remain strong and healthy. My Scalp Tonic with Cayenne Pepper and Mustard Greens Extracts, now with Ginseng and Apple Stem Cell extracts, contains the most effective blood circulation stimulants there are!

Scalp Tonic

For hair stimulation.

Stimulating the scalp through massage — either manually or with such health aids such as the RejuvaRoll or the Violet Ray — can also help encourage healthy hair.


Healing and improved circulation.

To encourage you, here is some feedback from my customers ...

Dear Tonya, I have lots to thank you for — the skin on my face has much improved, thanks to you. And I have new hair growing after using the Rolling Bed of Pins! I am avidly reading your last book...

— C.


…I bought the Violet Ray and have been using it for more than two months now. My hair is sooo much thicker. Thanks to raw foods and having used the Rolling Bed of Pins for a year, I laid the ground for Violet Ray. I feel so happy and beautiful now, as my hair is getting back to normal. Hugs and thank you for your persistent work for fruits and greens.

— A. from Sweden