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Raw Foods for Health-Raw Foods for Beauty

Vanity. Despite how it may sound it can be the one and only thing that is big enough to drive people to change their bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles. It's not that most people don't know the drawbacks of a poor diet and detrimental lifestyle practices such as smoking or overeating, but for some people even after they hear all the testimonies about how good they can feel and some of the powerful healing effects of raw foods, they still have a hard time finding the inspiration to really go out there and do it.

If You Need Another Incentive ...

For some people, being gravely ill and without viable alternatives becomes a good incentive to start the raw food diet, but, for others, a lack of motivation is the real problem. Many women have told me that they would not consider going raw for their health-they would just take medication. They would, however, do it for beauty. Clearly, beauty is a great impetus. This goal does not, however, preclude men, the raw food diet is just as beneficial for them-it just makes them handsome instead of beautiful.

The Beauty Thieves

Everyone knows the health dangers of smoking and eating junk food. But the toxic, addictive and dehydrating effects will also zap your looks, spoil your skin and age you faster than just about anything. Let's be honest; everyone who smokes knows they should quit. No need to spend any time convincing here. Everyone who eats cooked, processed junk foods knows they should quit. No need to beat that dead horse anymore. But have you ever stopped to consider the effects these things have on your skin, hair, teeth and youth? Two of the most notorious 'beauty thieves' I know are smoking and consuming cooked, processed food. It makes sense that it should be so: beauty is one of the ways that health presents itself to the world and you will not have a glowing complexion if you don't root out these beauty thieves!

Health and Beauty Are Linked

When you go on the raw food diet, stop detrimental habits and replace them with health-promoting ones, the improvement in your health will bring about striking improvements in your looks as well. They go hand in hand. My first book Your Right to Be Beautiful: Miracle of Raw Foods is a complete handbook on how health and beauty are inextricably linked, and what you can do to bring about a complete revolution in both! For some people, this will be what it takes to inspire them, and the health benefits will merely be an added bonus. So be it! If I can help even one person give up smoking and harmful foods no matter for what reason they make the decision, it will all be worth it!

Your Right to Be Beautiful

The Miracle of Raw Foods

One reader recently sent me some photos of two famous women, one an actress and the other a fashion designer. It would be unfair to post them, but the photos clearly show the ravages of these women's diets and lifestyles on their looks. From chain smoking to drugs to plastic surgeries and beyond, they were reduced to prematurely aged shadows of their former beauty. They looked downright scary. Some would say 'That's Hollywood', but in reality that lifestyle is quite prevalent everywhere. Celebrities are just more on display than the average man or woman. What thrilled me the most was the comment this lady included with the pictures: "And Tonya, at the same chronological age, seems to get more and more beautiful as the years go by. For me this was a huge motivation to quit smoking and become a rawsome beauty!"

If Not For Health, Then for Beauty

There you have it. The key to motivation! If you won't do it for health, do it for beauty. You only get one shot at life, and believe me, when you reveal your most beautiful self on the raw food diet, it's too good to pass up for a few nasty habits that won't serve you in the long run. This is my mission and my joy, I want to motivate you to become a rawsome beauty as well.