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 How is my personal data being used and protected?

We have recently updated our privacy policy to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Please read the policy at this link:


I’m in my 70s and have wrinkles. I have been using the RejuvaCup for a while and haven't noticed any brown spots at all, my face gets flushed after 2 minutes then it calms down in seconds and my face has a nice glow. My only concern: Will it cause even more loose skin or will it firm up my face? Will I do damage by using the RejuvaCup?

With regular use, the RejuvaCup plumps and firms up the skin. To test it, I have been using it daily for many months, before offering it to my customers.
It works wonders for the skin.


I’m new to raw foods and very anxious to get started. Which of your books should I start with?

I wrote my books in the order they should be read, chronicling my own journey and providing for the maximum benefit and understanding of the raw food lifestyle. Each book builds on those before.

Start with Your Right to Be Beautiful: The Miracle of Raw Foods. It gives the scientific and foundational information on how diet affects your health and your looks.

Next: Beautiful on Raw: Uncooked Creations. You’ll find there recipes, inspiration, tips for success, and interviews with several rawsome women who share how their lives were transformed.

The ebook 100 Days to 100% Raw follows next—a step-by-step program for successfully transitioning to the raw food lifestyle.

When you’re ready to take your health to the next level, move on to Quantum Eating. Learn about advanced lifestyle practices (and the up-to-date research behind them) which deliver tremendous anti-aging benefits.
Round it all out nicely, marrying your raw food diet with Bikram yoga in my Raw Food and Hot Yoga.

I offer two more e-books you can read at any step in your journey. Rawsome Flex details my facial exercise program, which will take years off your face and keep you looking as young and healthy. The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth will help you prevent or eliminate common dental pitfalls that can plague cooked and raw-food eaters alike.

Facial Cream and Masque

Are all your ingredients really organic and raw?

I have found that unless you’re making your beauty products fresh in your own kitchen, it simply isn’t possible to use exclusively raw ingredients. Care must be taken that the product won’t spoil or go rancid in the jar, nor require refrigeration. I suggest you read this article for more details. After much research and deliberation I found a few non-optional ingredients that gave me the best of both worlds—superior results and safe, nontoxic products. Technically, you can’t call these ingredients “raw” and they’re simply not available as such. I’ve used only the purest and (when available) certified organic products and painstakingly researched these for safety and effectiveness. Purist that I am, I have no qualms in using any of them. What’s more, I initially formulated every single product for my personal use before ever offering it to the public. I stand behind every ingredient and use every one of these products myself. Full disclosure of all ingredients is provided for each product on the relevant product description page.

Are your cosmetic products Certified Organic?

We use only true Certified Organic ingredients whenever they are available, and so to that extent my products are manufactured with Certified Organic ingredients. But not all ingredients are available in “Certified Organic” form. All of our products contain organic ingredients formulated and manufactured by a company which is a certified organic manufacturer. Please read this article for more information.

Will your face cream and masque work for oily skin? What else would you recommend for acne?

You must address all your skin issues internally first by daily juicing and external skin care via dry brushing and proper cleansing and moisturizing. Be sure to read my blog articles Raw Foods and Acne and The Secret to Beautiful Complexion: The Oil Cleansing Method. My face cream, masque and dry brush will be welcome additions to your daily skin care routine and won’t contribute to excess oil or clogged pores.


Scalp Tonic

How do I use your scalp tonic? Do I have to wash it out afterward?

Apply one dropper of Scalp Tonic to your hair roots and massage gently in a circular motion for two minutes. Apply it to either freshly shampooed hair or clean dry hair. My tonic quickly and easily absorbs into your scalp, where it will nourish and stimulate your hair’s roots. No need to wash it out afterwards…no need to alter your shampooing schedule. Recommended application: once in the morning and once in the evening on clean or dry hair. That’s it! Simple and effective.

Can I use your Scalp Tonic on African American hair?

Yes! My Scalp Tonic is safe to use on all ethnic hair types, and gives good results.

How long will it take to see results when I begin using your scalp tonic? Will I always have to use it twice a day?

Start by using my Scalp Tonic for 60 days, morning and evening. See what results you get. Your hair will take some time to respond and show significant growth. After that, decide your own frequency of application, depending on your goals and results.

I've been shedding hair recently and they tell me it's genetic. Is your Scalp Tonic suitable for genetic hair conditions like mine? Can it halt hair loss-or is it just for women?

Thinning of the hair can be helped, male pattern baldness, on the other hand, is a much tougher issue. I have certainly heard of men reversing their baldness on a 100% raw food diet, but not everyone by far will experience such a reversal. My Scalp Tonic helps with thinning hair but not with baldness, however, another product - RejuvaRoll may help. Note it will require a diligent daily routine-at least 10 minutes a day every night for many months and beyond. Nothing less will do, not till science gives us some breakthrough (don't hold your breath). I surely don't want to sound discouraging. With dedication, everything is possible.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Can I use your shampoo and conditioner on colored hair?

Absolutely! I kept in mind, when formulating these hair products and considering their ingredients, the fact that they would be used on all ethnic hair types and on colored or permed hair as well. All the ingredients are safe, natural, and won’t disrupt your pH balance so as to strip your hair of its coloring.

Which ingredients in the Shampoo are responsible for the lather since it doesn't contain SLS?

Sodium coco sulphate is a naturally derived alternative to sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Learn more about it here:

It is also approved by the Natural Products Association for organically-certified products. See this link:

Violet Ray

What's the difference between galvanic and high-frequency machines? Why do you use the high-frequency machine?

Galvanic and high-frequency machines are quite different things. High-frequency machines use a warm thermal current that stimulates and aids in sterilization. Galvanic machines are more like a low-level car battery where a charge on two polar ends (positive and negative) is sent through the body. The current performs two functions: First, disencrustation, which facilitates deep pore cleansing…Second, iontophoresis, which introduces water-soluble products deep into the skin.

The galvanic is more of a penetrating, deep pore treatment. The high-frequency is more of an outside skin sterilization, which also penetrates and delivers product into the skin. Both are great. But I use the high frequency machine, because I like to see that ON button on…and because I like quick results.

What safety precautions should I follow when using the Violet Ray?

There are some definite precautions to take. Be sure to view the YouTube video here for information about this topic, read the accompanying manual in its entirety, and always keep out of reach of children!

Is the Violet Ray available for sale internationally?

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the Violet Ray with a 1 year warranty for parts and labor for sales all over the world. The unit now comes with all 4 electrodes: the comb, mushroom, curved, and spoon, and we offer next day shipping on all orders!

If you order shipping to USA, Canada, Mexico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Colombia or Equador, we will ship the standard USA version with these specifications: 110V, 60Hz, 0.12 Amps.

If you order to any other country, we will ship the European Version with these specifications: 220V, 50Hz, 0.06 Amps with a European standard plug. If that is not what you wish, please specify in the "customer notes" section at checkout. If you are ordering from Japan, Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, North Korea or South Korea, please contact us for details of which version you should receive.

If you are in the U.K., Ireland or outside of Europe, you may need to get a plug adapter which should be readily available for only 2 English pounds, 3 USD, or 3 AUD such as the one at this link.
The Violet Ray Professional edition is still only available for sales within the USA.

What to do if after a few months of use the glass electrode seems to be loose after being inserted into the high-frequency handle?

This issue may come up after some time, but it is easy to resolve. First, unplug the high-frequency ray from the power source and remove the electrode (this is very important! there must not be any power running to the device). Look into the hole of the high-frequency handle where the glass electrode is usually inserted. You will notice a metal ring which is used to nest the electrode. It is likely that the metal ring has expanded and needs to be tightened. Take a flathead screwdriver or butter knife and insert it between the metal ring and the high-frequency handle (you will be inserting it outside the metal ring but inside the apparatus) and gently twist/rotate towards the center a very little bit bringing the edges of the metal ring inward, narrowing the opening. Be careful not to overdo it so as to still leave enough space for insertion of the electrode's silver end. If you have made it too tight, insert the screwdriver inside the metal ring and gently twist outward.

Why do my electrodes glow orange? Shouldn't they be Violet?

An inert gas (either Argon or Neon) is used inside the electrodes. Argon glows a violet/blue color, which is why the inventor Nikola Tesla originally named the device- the Violet Ray. However, neon works exactly the same way, yet it glows an orange/red color. Your unit will arrive with either violet or orange glowing electrodes. The gas is there only to notify you that the unit is working properly and the choice of gas has no bearing on the effectiveness of the unit. Recently, orange/red electrodes are more common because the neon gas has a bit more lasting color.

After using the Violet Ray, my scalp itches. I feel like scratching all over. What's going on?

What's going on is that your Violet Ray is working! In fact, if your scalp weren't itching a bit, I'd suggest using the unit a little longer or setting it on higher frequency. Violet Ray applications take time before your hair begins to grow thicker and faster. It takes dedication, too. That itching is the price you pay-part of that dedication. And it's also your earliest sign that the Ray is working. However, the itching will only last about 15 minutes after using your Ray, and you can minimize the itching by rubbing a little castor oil on the affected area.

Why does your Violet Ray cost more than some other models sold online?

I have been offering the Violet Ray in my Online Natural Beauty Store since 2007 and this product together with our customer service both have an excellent track record. We deal directly with the manufacturer to obtain the specifications and the high quality and durability which allows for extended usage several times a day unlike other units of less durable construction which may burn out after a few weeks, sometimes just several days of use. This is why, unlike the grand majority of online sellers, I am able to offer a 3-year FULL warranty on our Violet Ray.


I’ve noticed the directions for the Violet Ray say not to use oil- or alcohol-based products before using the Violet Ray. Is it okay to use the Scalp Tonic a few hours before? What about smoothing oils?

Use your Violet Ray on clean, dry hair, and then apply your products, such as our Scalp Tonic. As to alcohol, the risk is with fresh, unevaporated alcohol. Make sure any alcohol-based product you apply is completely dry before you use your Violet Ray. Be sure, too, that you’re not using the device near any open containers or spills of alcohol-based products. Exercise the same precautions you would with any electrical device.


Infrared Sauna

Can I install the sauna unit myself, or must I get it done professionally?

Our infrared sauna units ship directly from the manufacturer. You’ll need someone at home to accept the delivery. Each unit comes with complete instructions for assembly. Typical time: 2 hours or less. Not a do-it-yourselfer? A handy friend or two will do. Larger units may require a special 3-pronged outlet available at your hardware store. In the rare case of trouble, you’ll find the manufacturer gives great customer service. You can call an Infrared Sauna Specialist from Clearlight Saunas at no cost for questions about installation.



I’m a returning customer and am trying to place an order, but I can’t remember my username and password. Can you send them to me?

No worries! Just order as a new customer.

What is your return policy?

You can find our return policy here.

Do you offer Wholesale Opportunities?

Yes! If you operate a natural health/food store, yoga studio, colonic hydrotherapy practice, chiropractic office, natural hygiene practice, detox/fasting retreat or an amalgam free dental practice, you may benefit from our generous wholesale program. For details, please send us a message. 

Raw Foods

I am going to give raw foods a try. What can I expect when I switch? Will I lose weight or not? How long before I see results?

Let’s go, first, to the premise of your questions. I wouldn’t recommend merely “trying” the raw food diet. It’s an important commitment to a better way of eating, living, and caring for the body. Approach it as such. Your personal experience will depend largely on where you’re starting from, physically. If you proceed in a systematic, gradual way, following the program I describe in 100 Days to 100% Raw, you can expect to see dramatic improvements in just weeks. Weight loss, improvement in digestion and skin tone, more energy and mental clarity, and alleviation of various health-related symptoms are usually the most common things people notice when they begin their transition.

I’ve heard it’s not good to combine fruits and vegetables together, but you recommend green smoothies that mix the two. Why?

That fruits don’t mix well with vegetables is a general rule of thumb. But leafy greens (kale, spinach et al) are not true vegetables and deserve a class all their own. They lack the denser, starchier components of other vegetables, making them perfect to combine with fruits. Also, the alkalizing effect of greens is extremely helpful for buffering the acidity of some sweeter fruits—a great benefit for your dental health.

I have problems with psoriasis and my husband has glaucoma. What foods should we eat for these conditions?

I am not a medical doctor. I cannot give you any medical advice whatsoever. Many people write to me with myriad medical questions, but I deal in health, not disease. Consult your duly qualified personal health professional with questions regarding any diseases or infirmities.

I can assist you through my books, newsletters and blog articles in obtaining the best possible health and beauty through adherence to a raw foods lifestyle and certain health-generating beauty practices. A clean, healthy body can resolve many of its own issues if given the proper care and tools, and when you embark on the raw food diet you provide your body with many of those tools, along with the added benefit of attacking physical problems at their root cause instead of merely trying to alleviate symptoms which are the body’s alarm signals, telling you that you need to change some things, from the inside out.
But, once again, when it comes to your specific diseases and infirmities, there’s no substitute for consulting a qualified medical professional.

I’m getting too skinny on the raw food diet. I can't seem to gain weight, even though I eat and eat lots of high calorie foods. Help!

Where there’s a will, there's a way. It might take time and dedication to find what works for you. I devote a chapter to this issue in Raw Foods and Hot Yoga, where you’ll also find some testimonies on what others have done. Important tip: You will not be able to gain weight without exercise. This sounds odd, I know, and many people avoid exercise because they fear they will burn off their fat. If you slow your overactive metabolism through the principles of Quantum Eating and increase muscle mass by exercising, you should be able to make headway. Often, a crippled digestive system that hasn’t been cleansed sufficiently will prevent proper absorption of some nutrients, resulting in difficulty gaining weight. This is one reason why overeating high calorie foods can, for some people, be counterproductive. This is another area where fasting or Quantum Eating can be helpful, but you must approach with knowledge and discretion. For more information read my blog article Gaining and Losing Weight the Quantum Way.

What can you tell me regarding raising children raw? Your books don’t cover this.

One reason you won’t hear me elaborating on raising children raw is that I don’t have much direct experience with this subject. I didn’t make my switch until my son was a high school senior, and he and my husband didn’t convert to my diet ideas until later. A very knowledgeable and experienced woman, Karen Ranzi of, has written an outstanding book on the subject, available at my Natural Beauty Store.

Karen’s book is the best I’ve found on everything from pre-pregnancy health all the way through a child’s teenage years. It includes 7 years of research and Karen’s own expertise from successfully raising her children on raw vegan diets. Her book is a must for health-conscious parents, and it covers so much more than just diet.

What kind of juicer should I get? What kind do you use?

Picking a juicer is an entirely individual thing. My advice: The best kind of juicer is the one that gets used! You’ll find good tips in my ebook 100 Days to 100% Raw. Personally, I have used the Champion Juicer for years—it’s great!

How does eating hemp hearts affect me in regards to employee drug testing?

The producer of my favorite hemp hears Manitoba Harvest, indicates that the hemp hearts contain only 0.001% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and will not cause psychoactive effects or positive reading on any drug test. They offer the testimonials of customers who regularly eat hemp hearts and have passed various drug tests. Beyond that, of course, there are no guarantees. I’ve never had to take a drug test.

Skin Care

How do I use the facial dry brush? Should I cleanse my face before or after using it?

First wash your face, dry with a towel, and then proceed with the facial dry brushing. When facial brushing, use a gentle, upward movement. Smooth, upward gliding strokes lift the muscles of the face instead of dragging them down. We don't need to give gravity any extra help!

Your facial brushing strokes should move up the neck and along the contour of the face. Make several gentle circling movements counter-clockwise on the right cheek and clockwise on the left always moving along the cheek muscles. Be careful never to stretch the skin. Sweep the forehead gently from the center to each temple.

The first couple of months be extra gentle! The sensation should be pleasantly stimulating. Stop immediately if it doesn’t feel good and increase the brushing intensity more gradually.

At first, the whole procedure should not last more than 30 seconds. Gradually increase the time to one, two and finally, three minutes.

After completing facial brushing, apply Your Right to Be Beautiful Facial Cream and massage the face and neck areas in small symmetrical circles. For more information about facial dry brushing, take a look at this page.

Note: Occasionally you need to clean your facial brush. The best way is to rub some cornmeal into the brush for a few seconds, let it sit and then scrub it out with your fingers or by vigorously brushing a clean rag. The cornmeal will absorb dust and oil from the brush and whisk it away to keep your brush in tip top shape. Do not use water and soap as this will shorten the lifespan of the brush.

How do I clean RejuvaRoll?

The Roller generally requires very little maintenance. Every few months of regular use you may find you need to clean the Roller. The best way is to wash it with a cleaning brush and liquid soap, then blow dry it to get rid of the moisture.

How can I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes? 
Losing weight is, unfortunately, often a catalyst for the appearance of dark circles for those prone to getting them. Consider several other factors as well. You can find more information on this question in the blog article How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Your Eyes 

What's the difference between the "Glow" Facial Cream and the Age-Defying Serum?
There are several differences that matter in your beauty regimen. 

  • First, as the name "serum" implies, our Age-Defying Serum is more potent, so you can use it more sparingly. Get lavish with our "Glow" Facial Cream-especially after dry-brushing or before your Strigil-scraping.
  • Second, the Age-Defying Serum is a must for the over-forty crowd, thanks to its specially fashioned Pro-Coll-One+ ®, a breakthrough wrinkle-care ingredient.
  • Your best bet...alternate the two products-cream one day, serum the next. I like to use the Nourishing Night Cream every night, and alternate between the "Glow" Facial Cream and the Age-Defying Serum from morning to morning. If you don't use a night cream at all, then you could instead use the "Glow" Cream in the morning and the Serum at night.

WrinkAlign Forehead Patch
How often must I apply the WrinkAlign Forehead Patch before I get lasting results?
If we could only stop frowning...But that's pretty much impossible, isn't it? Every time life throws us a curve, tension writes its lines on our forehead. Like anything else I offer on my site, WrinkAlign is not a miracle product, but it will show results with repeated use. It’s also a powerful preventative measure—another incentive for using it often. Before WrinkAlign, I used tape on my forehead every night since age 25. Now I’m using WrinkAlign. I never forget to apply it before bed. There’s your answer: To avoid forehead creases you must take care of your forehead every night. Learn more about WrinkAlign here.


You might start with using WrinkAlign liners then try the tape. (I’m all for cheap, homespun solutions!) See my video on this page.
Facial Exercises

I’ve been doing your facial exercises for three weeks, now. My skin is breaking out in places and I have deeper lines around my mouth. Aren’t I supposed to look better—not worse?

Rawsome Flex answers it this way: During the first several days new facial lines may appear. Don’t panic! These exercises are carefully designed to eliminate wrinkles—not to create new ones. But the bottom line is that if several minutes of facial expressions give you a few new lines, that’s simply an indicator of how desperately you need the exercises.

Do understand that lines etched on our faces are indications of poor muscle tone and aged skin. Every exercise is designed to never create a line on a normally structured face. By “normal” I mean that there are no hanging folds of skin or loose underlying muscles. The exercise itself is not what’s causing your problem. Flaccid, unsupported muscles are to blame. Of course, even a young face gets expression lines. But smiles and frowns take decades to become a permanent part of our face. A few days of exercise is definitely not going to give you permanent lines. As you keep doing the exercises, your facial muscles will become more and more toned, your skin will gain more elasticity, and those lines will no longer be an issue.

Breakouts due to increased circulation, friction and the excretion of toxins through the skin will likewise only be temporary (assuming that you are also taking care of your diet, since poor food choices can lead to breakouts).

Now that I’m doing the Rawsome Flex routine twice a day, I’m experiencing wonderful results! How hard should I be pressing when massaging? Should I increase my repetitions on the cheek exercises to enhance the fullness of my cheek, or will that make them slimmer?

In my Rawsome Flex program I give you guidelines. Once you have the basic routine down, it’s up to you to make it your own. I can’t see your face, know your needs, or experiment for you. Professional facial exercise coaches can charge up to $500 an hour. My program is much more affordable, and is completely adaptable to your own needs. Proceed at your own comfort level. Then adapt the exercises according to your own individual face. Also trying out the program for at least a week or two, feel free to eliminate any exercise you feel doesn’t suit your purposes. It is totally up to you. In time you will be your own best facial exercise coach!

Tonya, will you make a DVD or YouTube videos demonstrating the Facial Exercises? I am afraid I am doing them wrong.

While I have made a short YouTube video demonstrating several of the exercises which you can check out here, ’ve made every effort to make the pictures in my Rawsome Flex book self-explanatory and my directions easy to follow. In fact, I tested the pictures and directions on my six year-old niece. She got it! A challenge, dear reader, and an unapologetically tough one…Do you really need a video? Or might you be using its absence as an excuse?

Facial muscles are very small. So performing these facial exercises takes a lot of concentration in order to access the right muscles. Often we tend to lose concentration and patience quickly, and get the false impression we’re doing the exercises wrong. This is very understandable but the fact is, it’s almost impossible to do these facial exercises wrong. Watching doesn’t help. As with riding a bike, it’s practice that matters. I do have instructional videos for various things—some beauty practices, for example.  I’d make one for this purpose if I thought it would help. But I don’t.

My advice: Don’t get distracted. Follow the instructions. Any reasonable approximation will do—nicely, in fact. Keep it up. Look in the mirror as you go at it yourself. Try to “look inside your muscles” as you exercise. Stay it at, and you’ll feel the burn. Try, try, try again, and I guarantee: You will get it and you will achieve some serious results.

Hot Yoga

I can’t find a hot yoga studio near me. What can I do?

Try hot yoga at home using Bikram’s CDs, available from his website See my blog article Hot Yoga on the Road, Hot Yoga at Home for advice on a space heater. Also, you could try a Far Infrared Sauna for before or after your yoga routine for a deep, detoxifying sweat you can’t get anywhere else.

Isn’t it harmful to breathe the air in Bikram yoga studios, in light of the sweating and breathing out of toxins and the fact the rooms are carpeted?

Bikram studios usually have stringent standards for cleanliness. The ones I’ve seen also have air purifying systems. We don’t spend 90 minutes in hot yoga for fresh air—we have other twenty-two and a half hours of the day for that. We do it for its unmatchable stretching and detoxifying benefits. If Bikram yoga was toxic in any way, I have a feeling I’d be dead by now, since I’ve been doing it faithfully for five years, much of that time two sessions a day. If you have any doubts or nagging suspicions, you should definitely talk to your studio owner. Get plenty of fresh air and sunlight every day, regardless of whether you do hot yoga or not, and be sure to check out the breathing exercises in Quantum Eating.


Quantum Eating

I am 20 years old. Should I follow the  Quantum Eating program?
While everyone can benefit from skipping the evening meal, the full Quantum Eating program, is for those over 40. The full program is designed for the express purpose of anti-aging using caloric restriction. Women in their childbearing years should not be restricting calories. Doing so, especially in the early months and years of a dietary transition, will likely invite problems. Start slowly with raw foods and juicing. Work your way up. Rapid transition to quantum eating from what I assume was a SAD diet before is likely leading to rapid and intense detoxification symptoms. Don’t be in a hurry. There are no shortcuts to health.

  But if you are younger than 40, you can still benefit from the Quantum Eating plan immensely. You simply eat as much as you want during the allotted hours. You do not have to reduce calories to benefit from Quantum Eating and should not at that age.

Is Quantum Eating only for those who have been 100% raw for a long time?
If someone is 100% raw and makes the changes advised in Quantum Eating, they will gain an even higher level of health. It is in this way that Quantum Eating is an "advanced" raw lifestyle. However, even those not modifying their diet at all but simply timing their meals as recommended by the Quantum Eating program can gain measurable benefits. Most of what I talk about in the book will give you results even if you aren’t 100% raw. Most of the anti-aging practices I describe there can used equally by novices and advanced practitioners. No matter where you are in your health journey, can benefit from Quantum Eating.

After reading Quantum Eating I stopped drinking water. Now I’m constipated. Help!
Listen to your body! I arrived at the point of not drinking water by listening to my body. I found I was getting enough hydration from the biologically active water in my diet. Understand that I no longer eat anything processed, that contains salt, or any dehydrated fruit or vegetable that has had its water removed. If you’re not yet fully at this point, drinking water is an absolute necessity. If you eat any cooked food at all, you must drink water. Consider where you are with your diet before attempting any changes. Always listen to your body’s signals—that’s what they’re there for!