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Facial Gavel:
Prevent Facial Bone Loss

Revealers of age

Wrinkles, we think, are the biggest revealers of age. But it’s the changes in bone structure that contribute in a huge way toward making us look older. It’s scientifically proven that our skeletal framework loses volume with age. On the picture the arrows indicate the areas of the facial skeleton susceptible to resorption with aging.



An extensive research project has studied the effects of soccer on muscle strength, posture, and bone density. Five new scientific articles show that soccer players increase in bone mass and bone density. What distinguishes a soccer player from a runner? Kicking a ball. The player constantly is dribbling or kicking a ball in soccer.


According to a 2006 Athens University study, bone remodeling is the body’s way of repairing bone tissue damage in a fashion that prevents the accumulation of old bone and replaces it with new bone. The action of kickboxing leads to skeletal remodeling in response to the force of those actions.


Muay Thai

Sometimes referred to as “Thai boxing,” this is a martial art and combat sport. It uses stand-up striking along with various other techniques. Practice includes delivering repeated power kicks on the heavy bag—one of the best tools a Muay Thai fighter can use. It increases power and improves technique, and also builds muscles and strength.

So, why does bone growth happen in all these cases above? Piezoelectricity is the answer. Piezoelectricity is an electrical charge resulting from mechanical stress. (Piezo means to stress.) When human bone is subjected to that stress, it produces an electrical charge. Under stress, bones produce piezoelectricity. This, in turn, produces electrical dipoles which attract osteoblasts—the cells that build bones. The osteoblasts deposit calcium and other minerals on the stressed parts of the bone. Thus, pressure makes the body build up stronger bone.


How to use it

Tap gently on your facial bones 20-30 seconds daily. Use the wooden end to apply on a clean face. If applying over an oily cream, use the end with the white plastic cap. Tapping over an oily facial cream will improve cream penetration. Stay mindful when you use it. Start gently and always listen to your body. At first, it’s a bit intimidating. But you get increasingly comfortable with each day.

Facial Gavel: Address Facial Thinning