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Venus Body Sculpting Cups


Why do we get crepey skin, anyway?

It’s because our underlying tissues get dry, compressed, and glued together. To keep our skin youthful, our skin cells must have enough space for blood, oxygen, and nutrients to flow in and for toxins to flow out. Cupping massage is a great way to decompress, to plump up, to rejuvenate your skin and make it look younger.


Cupping massage is a derivative of cupping therapy. Cupping therapy goes back to ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern cultures. It was first mentioned in an Egyptian medical papyrus of herbal remedies, the Ebers Papyrus. It shows that ancient Egyptians most likely have been using cupping therapy as early as 1,550 B.C.


Healthy collagen

is the key to giving your skin proper nutrition. Collagen fibers are arranged in parallel to each other, loosely packed. In the spaces between them are thin channels filled with tissue fluid. It is through these tiny channels that the capillaries transport nutrients to the surface of the skin. But, with age, collagen fibers lose their hydrophilic properties, and your collagen becomes “hard,” unable to perform its function of moisturizing the skin. Cupping massage will “fluff up” the collagen fibers.


You can perform cupping massage on the upper chest  area and the back surface of the neck, reducing or even eliminating the “hump.”


As you perform your cupping therapy, there is a strong enhancement of capillary blood flow—even in places where it’s been stagnant.

Indeed, when you see slight bruising* appearing on your skin’s surface after a cupping session, this just shows that you’ve been doing the right thing—feeding your skin after a long period of hunger!


The Venus Cups

  • restore the texture of the skin, its elasticity, and tone.
  • improve the blood supply and normalize the venous and lymphatic flow.
  • restore muscle elasticity.

Your Venus Body Sculpting Cup will pleasantly rejuvenate your skin, making it smooth and supple, and reducing cellulite. You can work on stretch marks, even love handles. Eventually, you can slim your entire body, attacking flab, skin irregularities and scars.



Your Venus Body Sculpting Cups will stimulate your capillaries for better blood flow, providing your skin with improved nutrition and allowing the healthiest, most beautiful you to emerge! These cups can be used on any part of your body from the neck down.

Venus Body Sculpting Cups