May 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

June 25th, 2011

May 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

May 24, 2011

Dear Tonya, wow super fast service as always!! I truly love your customer service, you're the best with much thank you thank you thank you. I'm super stoked to get my hands on this book again :) [Compromised Teeth]

— N.


May 22, 2011

Thanks Tonya...I can't wait to try your products. I discovered your website by accident, and have really enjoyed reading are SO impressive...can't imagine how you've done all you're truly an inspiration. I think we're close to the same age...I want to look like you!!!! I'll buy the books this summer when I have time to read them...hopefully will improve my diet. In the meantime, I hope for some improvement with the beauty products.

— K. :)


May 21, 2011

Hello, I have to tell you how happy I am with your hair products, I certainly do see results in the way of new growth. However, I think I have hit the maximum growth, maybe not, I hope my hair gets thicker with more time. Again, thank you for at least helping me to inhibit falling hair that was to me alarming.

— A.A.


May 18, 2011

Tonya, I enjoyed your DVD and am I now reading through your book Quantum Eating. I am all raw going on my second year in May, 2011. I am looking forward to receiving the facial cream and brush. Thanks for your books, etc. which inspire us older girls to be beautiful. I will be 65 years old in September...

— L.


Quantum Eating book

Quantum Eating

The Ultimate Elixir of Youth!


May 20, 2011

The Bentonite Oral Balm is absolutely divine. I was expecting an awful salty taste like most other dental balms labeled natural and was amazed at just how palatable and refreshing this really was.

— S.

Bentonite Oral Balm

Bentonite Oral Balm

white oak bark & wheatgrass