September 2009 Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials

December 29th, 2009

September 2009 Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials

09/29/09 Dear Tonya, My name is Katia and I live in Australia. I have ordered three of your books (Quantum Eating, Beautiful on Raw, and Uncooked Creations). I love the way you write. It is so creative and original. A really pleasant read. I bought your books from an Australian website called -Katia

09/16/09 I received my scalp tonic yesterday and only applied in once last night, it gave volume to my hair and I really liked it, it also helps to hold hair in shape (I used hairspray as well). A few people today commented that my hair looked good. Thank you very much for your work! I look forward to your new products, books and photos in the future and hope you will come to London one day.-M.

09/15/09 Congratulations on another wonderful newsletter!! I loved the testimony at the end! I also can relate to what you said about wanting something that you didn't have in your youth. When I was a little girl, I was incredibly shy. Also awkward, too thin, pimply, greasy hair and wore glasses before they were fashionable. I was the young girl that everyone made fun of, that got picked last for gym class teams and never applied myself. Since I became high raw [raw food diet] in late 2003, I am making up for lost time! I'm now 46 and just yesterday a young girl in a health food store had mistaken me for 30! And a month earlier, a young girl at a nite club approached me and said, "I have to tell you, you're so pretty!" Mind you, I have no qualms about growing older. I do embrace it! It's just nice to hear compliments that I didn't get when I was the age most people do get compliments (teens!). So, I truly appreciate what you wrote! We are all beautiful souls on this planet and it's a wondrous miracle when the outside matches the inside -- thanks to raw foods! -Mary Anne

09/13/09 Tonya, Thank you for that amazingly fast service. Is it possible to see results after just one use? I swear my hair is already more lustrous and shiny after just one combing with your beautiful floral comb! Thank you for providing such beautiful products to make us all more beautiful. I feel that each and every one of your products is beautiful and well-thought out. I sincerely hope you come out with more soon! -R.

09/10/09 Tonya, I really enjoyed your August and September newsletters! I am 46 and at the beginning of this year I have finally become empowered as a woman. I lost a few "pudgy" spots around my hips, wear my contact lenses, am letting my brown wavy hair grow longer, am wearing more form fitting clothes and am LOVING the attention! ...I LOVE your website and all the extensively researched, well written articles. -K.

09/09/09 I would just like to say, in regards to the recent email reply in your last newsletter, it is because you are so "extreme" and far-out there that I follow what you do. Simply put, all the other raw foodists are too ordinary for me. I love your leading-edge research and natural, stimulating products that you continue to produce. Please continue to do what you do! I am always eagerly awaiting your next enterprise. -R.

09/08/09 Hi Tonya, I appreciate the fact that you feature beauty tips and products. I admire you and what you've done and one of the major reasons I noticed you is because you GLOW. Your skin is beautiful and that made me stop and kind of say " I'll have what she's having!" It's rare to see people who actually walk their talk. I don't think we should spend hours admiring ourselves in the mirror but I think it's healthy to want to look and feel your best. Thanks for all that you do. -K.J.

09/07/09 Dear Tonya, Thank you for the prompt service. Our hair tonic arrived today. Love the comb and the feel of it on the scalp. My scalp certainly felt stimulated and awakened after using the tonic today. I did not experience any burning just a nice tingling and awakening sensation. Many thanks and take care. S.

09/07/09 Wow, wow, wow! In a Quantum Universe, your beautiful words and works come to my life and I am thank-full! I am so glad that I had ordered your Grand Special and have been reading your books this past few weeks. In reading Your Right To Be Beautiful, you make me smile with delight to have discovered your work, and now know that it can come to fruition for me with determination and hard work. In Quantum Eating your intelligence and ability of articulation bring me to a new level of admiration, and I found myself saying yes, yes, yes, to so many things that are written upon the pages. In Raw Food and Hot Yoga you stretch further to form the foundation to achieve a whole healthy body. The amazing gift you have to put forth your story into words, chapters and books; all written with wit, grit, courage and honesty, flowing with kindness, generosity, and unwavering encouragement. Reading them moves me to tears with laughter, love, and hope. I too have searched for the wholeness of beauty, finding fragments here and there in various books from many fields (nutrition, psychology, philosophy, spiritual etc), but none seem able to bring together the interconnectedness and wholeness of nature, and make it accessible for the average person. Your books do that. The pearls of wisdom you string out so beautifully go with your warm, witty and welcoming style. I smile and feel I can assimilate and emulate your success. So needless to say, you are among the authors I long to meet and thank personally for sharing your work (I will also bring a magnifying glass to admire your perfect porcelain skin). Best Regard - Kim-Hang p.s. I just went to a 4 days teacher training raw food class and met someone who have had a privilege to have met you in person, she said "You are the most beautiful and healthiest person that she ever met".-K