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I feel uplifted and hopeful

I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to Tonya for her blog and her wisdom which she has been so kind as to share. Including all the wonderful information about a raw food lifestyle and the health and beauty tips on the blog, what i have found most useful and inspiring is the simple idea that Tonya promotes, that everything can be worked on, that skin is a living organ that can regenerate with the right help and diet. Even the most well meaning advice i have read thus far has had a fairly negative message about the aging process. This only serves to give me a sense of panic and anxiety about the future. However, having read Tonya's blog i feel uplifted and hopeful and i have a renewed sense of purpose on my own journey to improved health and beauty. I am extremely grateful to Tonya for this. I hope you can pass on my gratitude.

Ann. (April, 2016)