No One Needs to Age

I have always been into health and studied Nutrition at the University.... However, after what I know now, I realize the Nutrition Degree being offered is so far off from what nutrition is really about. I went on to become a Homeopath, and a Bach Flower Practitioner which fits me perfectly. I do enjoy anything about beauty, and health, always have. I love reading your e-zines because this is really what health is. I must order your first book. I do not know one other person that eats this way, so I am all alone. But, perhaps over time people will change as they see how healthy I look at 54. I decided when looking in the mirror that all my good looks were diminishing when I turned 50ish and I was unhappy about that. However, when I would eat raw, and stay away from sugar, my face would get better. You are raw living proof that no one needs to age. Love you and love all that you share.