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Thank you Tonya, for the great eggnog recipe, which I tried and it was delicious!

Amanda (1/15/2014 )

Your serum is amazing! I caught a cold shortly after receiving my order and was blowing my nose constantly. Normally a chapped red nose follows a cold, however, not this time! The only thing that...

Linda H. (1/6/2014 )

So glad you sent me your newsletter on hair this morning. You've convinced me and I'm gonna keep following you now. Thank you, and so I'm off to your website to learn.

J. (1/5/2014 )

I'm rereading your Raw Food and Hot Yoga book and love it. Your books have been a breath of fresh air so many times. Keep 'em coming!

M.M. (12/23/2013 )

Tonya, thank you for your commitment to health and beauty.  I'm ready to try the cupping system.  I'm 61 years old and have been 95% raw vegan for two years.  My goal is to be 100% raw...

Jan (12/21/2013 )

I used the cleanser yesterday when it arrived and when I patted my face dry it felt like satin. I gave [my husband] a couple of pumps to use as shaving cream and he had the same results. His skin...

Susan (12/6/2013 )

Tonya, I got my roller last week and it´s fantastic!, I´m using it all over my body, incredible how liquid and fat are going away or to the right places! :) Thank you thank you. Pretty soon I´ll be...

Joanna (11/4/2013 )

I would like to say that the Tesla device itself has really lived up to it's expectations. It has helped a lot with my sensitive skin, which breaks out very easily. I am not raw nor do...

L.S. (10/14/2013 )

Dear Tonya and Nick, I have just finished reading Your Right to Be Beautiful. What an amazing book - Tonya you are an extraordinary woman. If anyone has the right to write a book with that title -...

S.J. (9/30/2013 )

Thank you! Your day lotion, shampoo and conditioner are the best! Looking forward to trying the night cream. :-)

Michelle (9/13/2013 )