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What kind of brush or comb do you use?

Research shows that using a wood comb brings many benefits 
for your hair health.

This remarkable wooden comb might just be one of the reasons for the

legendary shine

and strength

of Asian women’s hair.



More than twenty
hand processes

bring these natural elements from their raw state to the finely finished product. The comb's teeth are smooth, clean and delicately shaped. Treated with high temperature and high pressure to help retain the natural luster of the wood, this finely crafted comb will not pull your hair nor scratch your scalp.

And, because it's made

of all-natural wood products
  no chemical plastics here!  
your peach wood comb will spell the end to static-electricity frizz! Wooden combs are carbon-based, as is the whole human body. Both hair and wood are negatively electrically charged, so using a wooden comb helps your hair lie flat, giving it a glossy, smooth look.


The paintings by August Renoir, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, William Paxton and many others 
show the Ancient and Very Beneficial Practice
 of Women Combing 
Their Tresses.

Wood combs help condition your hair.

They take natural oils from your scalp and coat your hair strands tip to shaft, giving your hair a natural shine. In doing this, wood combs glide more easily through your locks, reducing tangles and frizz, ridding you of wild hairs ready to be shed.


I'm now over 60

My book Your Right to Be Beautiful recommends brushing your hair 100 times daily for a healthier scalp and fuller hair. As you do this, you’ll avoid the plight of most people over 40, who begin to lose their strands at alarming speed. 
Make sure you take care of your scalp daily.


How to Care for a Wooden Comb

Here's how you can clean between the teeth of a wooden comb:

Before cleaning between the teeth, remove any hair or debris that may be stuck in the comb.

Insert the cloth between the teeth: Slide the cloth back and forth: Once the cloth is inserted, carefully move it back and forth between the teeth of the comb. Apply gentle pressure to dislodge any dirt, debris, or product buildup. Be cautious not to use excessive force that could cause the cloth to tear or damage the teeth of the comb.

Optional: Apply wood oil (if desired): If you want to further maintain the wooden comb, you can occasionally apply a small amount of wood oil to keep the wood moisturized


The Comb is My Gift to You


Special deal - wooden comb and scalp tonic

The comb is my gift to you with the purchase of 2 bottles 
of Your Right to Be Beautiful Scalp Tonic with 
Cayenne Pepper & Mustard Green Extracts.