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Hi Tonya, I have heard you speak twice, recently at the Royersford, Pennsylvania potluck, and about 4 years ago at Arnold's Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. You are the most motivational raw food speaker I have heard. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge, wisdom and wonderful sense of humor. I was extremely impressed, and it is obvious from looking at you that what you are doing is working. You actually looked 10 years younger when I heard you speak recently than you did when I saw you four years ago. Your lecture was so motivational that I have been 100% raw ever since the Royersford potluck. Thank you for helping me to go for it.

I work at a health food store in Hockessin, Delaware. You can check out our website at Hopefully they have finished redesigning the website. If it is not finished, I apologize. Today I hosted a raw potluck and my house. Two of my raw friends had gone with me to listen to your lecture in Royersford. We were talking about what a knowledgeable and motivational speaker you are, as well as the fact that out of all the raw food speakers we have seen, you are by far the healthiest looking. Everyone wanted to know when you would be in the area again, and if Harvest Market could host you to come and speak.

Thanks again - Doreen Moor


Hi Tonya,
Thank you so much for coming. Everyone absolutely loved it!!! So many more wanted to come but the notice was late, some went to Mentor -because they did not know about ours soon enough. My hope is that you will come again. I heard words like"LIFE CHANGING", "EXCELLENT","THIS WAS VERY MOTIVATING" and the list goes on. I have also started on my regime-this time next year I will be a glowing beauty just like you. Thanks for being you!!! - Many Blessings, Sulesa


Dear Tonya and Nick,
It was such a pleasure to personally meet you here in Pittsburgh! It felt like you were my visiting family members: probably because Tonya is so sincere in her books, and I learned a lot about you from there. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR VISIT! What a blessing you were to all those who came to hear your message! The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Let's hope that the seeds you planted produce a rich harvest!

Thank you for your latest book - I am almost done with it! After two years on raw foods I feel ready and inspired to add a quantum touch to my food consumption, as well as the intense exercise regimen. - Natasha


Hi. I have been richly inspired by Tonya. I have all of her books! I believe in everything she teaches. And, to look at her - you know that she practices what she preaches. If I had to keep only a handful of books, I would never part with Tonya's books (all of them). I have been reading about fasting for many years but never came across anything more inspirational than what Tonya writes about. Dry fasting is something I hadn't heard about before - fascinating!

No one - ever - has inspired me more than Tonya! Because my quest has always been to find ultimate health, feel great and the bonus...look great. Now, I know it's possible! I hope she continues writing and teaching! Nothing is more important than health and well being! Sincerely, LORA


Tonya's presentation was "Rawsome!" I especially liked the stories that showed that the current medical/nutritional paradigm is insufficient to produce great health and our role as the bird giving away it's feathers which was a great analogy!.

I think her background as a ME, MA in math and a Russian woman growing up in a struggling environment makes her presentation very unique, as she promised. I've been 100 % raw for nearly 6 months (after first going 85% raw in 1999 but wasn't able to keep it up because of the work involved), but I think even someone new to raw would have been soundly convinced to give it a try at a minimum based on her dynamic presentation. Plus she is a damn great role model; one can see the benefits.

My criteria was met: I like going to events because I think there is the possibility that I can learn something new. I did learn several new ideas: the circadian cycles and the best time for eating and the fact that it's possible not to drink that much water, there was the rolling pins, and a taste of the green pudding!!! Not to mention the package deal. So I was quite satisfied!

I also liked the stories about Nick and that he is a part of her tours. - Ajowa


Dearest Tonya,
Your seminar yesterday was wonderful! I am very inspired by you and your brilliance. Everything you said just made so much sense to me. I felt as if you were speaking to the very heart of my entire being. Thank you so much for sharing all your years of research.

I do hope when you come to "let your doctor see you", that you will also be speaking again. Both you and Nick are a total delight! I truly appreciate your stopping here to be with us and sharing your "rawesome" energy! :o)
Thank you again. God bless you on your travels and always!

Sincerely, Brigitte


My partner and I really enjoyed your presentation in Vancouver, BC the other night. Don has mocked my interest in eating 'grass' over the years, but after your presentation, his comment was 'it all makes sense'. Raw food eating that is. He even asks for a raw food dish for dinner these days. You are a very good teacher Tonya as Don's been a committed meat eater for as long as I've known him.

Warm regards, G. West Vancouver, BC


Hello Tonya,
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful lecture that you gave us here in Vancouver BC on Monday night (September 1, 2008) . I appreciated the insights and honesty in YOU and your presentation.

As per your instructions, I also request the free E-Book "100 Days to 100% Raw" via this e-mail.
I am looking forward to that, as I have been struggling for the last 3 years to stick to the 100% raw regime. As I am discovering about myself on this "RAW" journey, I had no idea how addicted I was to cooked food. Emotions are also interesting to discover and eating out of boredom surprised me very much.
I am encouraging a few others from RawBC to form a support group and we will all venture together for the 100 days, and keep you posted of our journey on your blog. - Maja Morf


I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture at Life Grocery in Marietta last Sunday. As someone who has transitioned from vegetarian to vegan to now 80% raw foods, your presentation was inspiring and helped me to continue my health journey that I started almost 5 years ago. I wish you the best of luck as you travel the country spreading valuable health information and hopefully healing one person at a time. Thanks again for coming to Atlanta and sharing your fascinating story and transforming lifestyle information. - M.D.


Hello Tonya:
Thank you so much for coming to Fayetteville last weekend. It was a joy to meet you and Nick and attend you seminar. Your information was well founded and nicely presented in a very believable way. I am looking forward to your newsletter.

Our friends who we brought with us - Rodney and Laura - came with skepticism, not knowing what to expect. They left with your bag of goodies and are confirmed raw foodists!! She has been to our home several times already for classes on raw food preparation and is so very excited. She has already shared her excitement with her in-laws this weekend.

So your ripple effect is in motion touching lives that you don't realize, and there are many people who are taking charge of their health because of what you are doing. Be encouraged and continue in the Lord to do the work that He has given you to do. It's the only way to truly be successful. - Nancy and Jeff


It was my good fortune to be in attendance when you spoke recently in Tallahassee, Florida. It was a rainy, cold night, but I feel that only added to the experience. I bought the $190.00 set, and have read the first book, half the second, and have previewed the other two, anxiously waiting their turn to be read. I have been transitioning, and it has been hard with two vacations and two birthday celebrations and two holidays in there to deal with. I'd say that I am about 50% raw now. I have been eating your green pudding almost every day. It is delicious! Thank you for coming to Tallahassee, I do so hope that you will come again, for you are truly inspirational. ( I sat in the front row of your lecture totally transfixed.)

Sincerely, - Nylene Robertson

Hello Tonya & Nick, I was honored to be able to listen to you speak regarding the Raw Food information. You have a fabulous presentation. The best I have heard to date. Thank you for spending all of your time and efforts to get the correct information. In other words, you have done your homework and in my perception you deserve an A+++++. I have listed to several Raw Food speakers and have not been that impressed. You live the talk! You are the perfect example of what perfect health can be achieved. I just personally want to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Because I have been researching Raw Food the past year, educating myself and doing more raw and will implement this even more into my diet, until I can change to 100% raw. Thank you! You have walked into my life at the perfect time. Now I can continue my journey and become healthy once again.

Nick I also want to commend you for making the change in your life. I know how hard it is to make such drastic changes! You Go! You will be such an example for the men in this world. Your story will be great!

- Tommi


Hello Tonya,
I attended your seminar last night at 14Carrot and I thank you so much! I have been looking for someone such as yourself to give me the truth and basics of raw food eating as a lifestyle not just a diet. I bought the last package you had available (much to the chagrin of the woman next to me) and would love to have you email me the ebook you spoke of. Thank you for all your hard work and research! Hugs, M.S.