Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (May 2009)

August 12th, 2009

Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (May 2009)

05/01/09 So your book [Raw Food and Hot Yoga] has inspired me to FINALLY do the CR [Calorie Restriction] diet! It was too hard when Quantum Eating came out. At that time I was eating 2000 calories a day, and I had a very stressful job. But the last year and a half, no stressful job, and only 1600 calories a day. So now it is VERY EASY for me to eat only 1200 cal. a day and no food after 6 PM. Since I don't even get hungry till about 3:00, it is a bit hard to eat all those calories before 6, but I am doing it. Every day I am so busy and then I look at the clock and it's 5:30 and I think, "Uh, oh! I have only half an hour to eat!" And it is day 12 now and I already feel a bit of the ecstasy! I also find I am more alkaline. And it is easier to wake up in the morning! -Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor.

05/06/09 Tonya, You are a great inspiration. I finished my 30-day Bikram-yoga challenge and with increasing raw food diet, my body has already visibly improved. Thanks for sharing your learnings. - M.

05/06/09 Dear Tonya, The great news is so many pesky little health issues have totally healed since I've read your last two books [Quantum Eating, Raw Food and Hot Yoga], and mostly because I no longer eat or drink after 5:30 p.m., and soon it will be 5 and earlier. Words would not suffice to thank you for that. What a liberation! I'm enjoying not eating at night even more than I enjoyed eating. I'm also interested in the Violet Ray. Best, Joel

05/06/09 You are such an inspiration. I am doing Bikram yoga now too (like you I had health issues in my childhood I was in a coma and had to learn to walk again.. was in a wheelchair for a while). Raw food diet and Bikram yoga are helping me heal.. however I also had major organ failure and most of my intestine's removed and this has taken its toll on my health so I think this book and the rolling bed of pins are just what the doctor ordered so to speak. Thank you and god bless.-E.

05/11/09 Dear Tonya, thank you for your newsletter and your inspirational reminders. Your new book [Raw Food and Hot Yoga] is very powerful, being a therapist and a yoga instructor, I congratulate you to formulate your book with so much inspiration, reality, inside and guidance.-R. 05/11/09 Tonya, Your article was so timely (of course) - I knew my brain held the secret to getting my body to walk normallly again after 10 months of limping from torn miniscus and subsequent knee surgery. I had to reprogram my brain to allow it to accept the healed parts.........I had forgotten how to walk normally! I still have soreness, stiffness and knee pain and can't wait to order HOT YOGA and get started....so far, I've just been doing water exercises and 20 minutes of stationary bike riding. I also noticed (slow learner here) that after fasting two days and doing a colon cleanse for a colonoscopy (it was normal) that my knee pain and stiffness disappeared.....so....it's time to get serious about cleansing forever~ creature of habit. I look forward to your articles so much - I know you were sent into my life for miracles........what a beautiful story of returning to see your mother. Please share with us your reunion when you feel moved to do so. Happy Belated Mother's Day! -C.

05/26/09 Hello Tonya, I want to thank you for talking about Hot Yoga in your new book [Raw Food and Hot Yoga]. I tried it last week-end because I was in Montreal and I simply loved it at my first class. I had to wait for one hour before registering and I must tell you I almost turned around and left but it's your book that made me stay and wait. I am 51 and starting to have some pain here and there when I workout so I was very impressed that I was feeling better after just one class. Unfortunately, I live more than 100km from a Hot Yoga facility. I am thinking of a way to go at least 2-3 times a week but would rather go every day... Maybe I will have to start my own studio near my home (who knows where all this adventure will take me). Thank you again for your inspiration -M-P .