Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (Oct. 2009)

March 1st, 2010

Raw Food and Hot Yoga Testimonials (Oct. 2009)

10/28/09 I have ordered 2 jars of your facial cream, I would like to clarify: Firstly dry brush, secondly mask and finally apply the facial cream. I am now on 50% raw foods, I am very impressed with your book and your website, I made an effort to visit your website every day because it builds up my confidence in the raw food diet and I want to look glowing like you. Thank You so much for your articles and I am very impressed with your mask. -C.

10/22/09 I will never forget seeing you and your husband at one of the Fresh Conventions in the UK (fall of 2004 or 2005 I think?). I have never laughed so hard while you were talking and your husband was just stuffing more and more greens into the blender behind you. It was HILARIOUS. It still brings a smile to my face. Also, I am doing hot yoga because of you and I love it. It is completely changing my body.-J.

10/16/09 Hi Tonya, It gives me a great pleasure to write to you..I have only recently 'discovered' your existence and wow, you are so inspiring! I have just completed reading Quantum Eating which I thoroughly enjoyed, although I am nowhere near adopting that into my way of eating, I did get a lot out of it and can adapt some of what you say to my own circumstances. I love your writing style! You communicate your message perfectly at all times...sometimes emotions can get lost in translation so to speak, but whether it's humour, seriousness or expessing self deprecating sentiments, you succeed in doing so!-G.

10/13/09 I just read your newsletter and your e-mail. I will certainly try the apple cider vinegar and royal jelly and onion juice. Thank you, again and I love when you tell your life experiences in your books or lecture. I cannot wait for you to come to Vancouver. You are a huge inspiration in my life. To see you where you are now and where you were a few years ago is inspirational to me. Keep up with your stories. They are shared with wisdom, love and simplicity and most importantly of all they are truthful. The way you look says it all. I love them.... I will keep you posted about my progress. -A.

10/05/09 Dear Tonya, I would first like to thank you for all of the wonderful articles you have posted on your website. Especially since lecturing and book writing are your source of income I appreciate you posting blogs free of charge. I also recently purchased some of your products (cream, brush, rawflex book) and enjoy them all. Thanks- please keep up the good work!-T.

10/01/09 I went to one of Tonya's lectures in August in Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. I've been totally raw [100% raw food diet] for two years and have had green smoothies for breakfast that entire time. After I tasted Nick's green pudding, I've done green puddings for breakfast instead, and doing that has reduced my water consumption by 90 percent. I used to drink several glasses of water at work every day, but not anymore. The change was quite sudden, and has to be attributed to the switch from smoothies to puddings. Now I live on the water from fruits and vegetables! -Sonja