Love Your Age! New Video from Tonya and More from Esmeralda

Published: (September, 2017)

Love Your Age! New Video from Tonya and More from Esmeralda

How To Get Rid of Lip Lines

Published: (October, 2016)

How To Get Rid of Lip Lines

A Huge Difference In a Very Short Time

I have read some of your books, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I wanted to tell you that I have been doing the kiss the ceiling exercises with spoons daily. I see a HUGE difference in a very short time! Thank you so much

(September, 2016)

The Best Facial You've Never Heard Of!

Published: (September, 2016)

The Best Facial You've Never Heard Of!

Facial exercises...they're the only thing giving my ever-aging face a lift!

I've been really pleased over the years with your products and books. The roller which I've had for years has proven very effective for quick localized pain relief, among other benefits, but is hard to use on curves and tight places. So I appreciate your sending the RejuvaPad.

Also I wanted to tell you how much of a difference your book on facial exercises has made. I do them regularly and will never stop - they're the only thing giving my ever-aging face a lift!

(May, 2016)

Pretty inspiring and truthful exercises

Please thank Tonya for me - her products and information are actually working - I have tried many face exercises, hers work best as well. Pretty inspiring and truthful. It's nice to spend money and get results for it for a change. By the way, tell her also that I am 67 this week. What a change already in my face just concentrating on her info for a month!

(October, 2015)

Inspired By All That You Do

Hi Tonya, thank you so much, I am thoroughly enjoying all your information and I am so inspired by all that you do. You look amazing. I have tried Botox and fillers and feel that the fillers just make my face look worse. I am now trying your facial exercises and think they are great, I have tried facial excercise before and not managed them very well, however your seem so much easier and very well explained. Thanks again

(March, 2015)

Change After One Week!

I can't believe how much my face has changed in just one week doing the facial exercises! I just happened upon you on Youtube and could not believe when I saw you that you are in your 50's - It's remarkable, really. I just bought your "Beauty Bundle" and have been reading everything of yours...

(February, 2015)

Radiant and Ravishing!

Wow Tonya you look radiant and ravishing! Love the way you style our hair and the tropical dress you're wearing! I try to adopt all beauty tips you shared, including masquing, dry brushing, facial exercise, moisturizing, wiping ice cube over my face, coconut water hair treatment .....

(August, 2014)

Personality Shines Through

Dear Tonya! It was wonderful to read your book and it's amazing how your personality shines through. The way you explain everything really does make sense. I have just ordered your e-book for the facial exercises because you`re the best living proof that it works. :)

(February, 2014)

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