Younger and Better

Hi Tonya! I was looking at videos of you from previous years, as far as 4- 5 years ago and you do look younger and better  as time goes by! you are so inspiring and a living proof!! The best example is the example, and you definitely are an example to follow. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us! I will get your book this week Quantum Eating. Best regards!!

(March, 2015)

Already looking younger

Tonya...let me say how extremely happy I am to have found you. I simply love your teaching on the subject of health and beauty. I am becoming a star pupil! I have been following your beauty rituals as far as face, Quantum Eating, breathing etc. I am a work in progress, although I already look much younger from following 100% raw vegan since July 2013. I went cold turkey from cooked non vegan and I haven't looked back!

(October, 2014)

Evidence the Diet Works

My sister and I met you in the Cayman Islands when you came here for a seminar. You were stunning then, but I actually think you look even more beautiful and youthful now. Know one could tell that you aged at all. Now that's saying a lot for the diet.

(September, 2013)

Not Only for Women!

Tonya. More men need to understand the benefits of facial exercises. I'm 55 now and have been at it for about 15 years. My face is fuller now than when I was in my late 30's! When family or friends have mentioned I don't have that many if any wrinkles most snicker or make a joke (especially the men) when I tell them to exercise the facial muscles. Some folks will never understand that muscles grow above the neck too! I'm an entertainer and never use makeup, ever, can't stand the stuff.

(September, 2013)

Facial Exercises Work!

Tonya, I ordered your ebook on face exercises when it first came out...About a year ago or more I decided I was going to do them more consistently and...I now do them about 5x a week.  I had printed out your ebook and ... keep it near my bathroom. Every day I do the face exercises, I also read a page of the book. So I have now read the ebook through many times. I think doing this has kept me consistent and motivates me.

(August, 2013)

Love the Night Cream!


(February, 2013)

Interview with a "Beautiful On Raw" Mimi Kirk, 74

Published: (January, 2013)

Interview with a "Beautiful On Raw" Mimi Kirk, 74

Encouraged to Try Ballet

Thanks Tonya [for the newsletter What I am up to at 54].  I'm 59 but most people don't even come near guessing my age.  Looking for a ballet class to sign up for as I type. :)

(November, 2012)

No One Needs to Age

I have always been into health and studied Nutrition at the University.... However, after what I know now, I realize the Nutrition Degree being offered is so far off from what nutrition is really about. I went on to become a Homeopath, and a Bach Flower Practitioner which fits me perfectly. I do enjoy anything about beauty, and health, always have. I love reading your e-zines because this is really what health is. I must order your first book. I do not know one other person that eats this way, so I am all alone.

(June, 2012)

I Have My Right to Be Beautiful

Dear Mrs. Zavasta, I am doing well since I embarked in the Rawsome lifestyle.  I just ordered the last two books (Quantum Eating and Raw Food and Hot Yoga). Your writing style is phenomenal and I enjoy and appreciate your talented, scientific mind.

(February, 2012)

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