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My skin felt so soft and calm.

Dear Tonya and Nick,

Thank you again for my free glow cream! Just received it yesterday! I worked for all the major skincare companies at Macys in my youth. After burning my skin in a horrible facial laser hair removal procedure, my skin was not the same. I was left with extremely sensitive and damaged skin. Everything l used on my skin caused it to burn or to break out.

I came to the conclusion very early on and even before my accident, that the ingredients in most, if not all skin care products cause more harm and damage to the skin. I believe from my personal experience that professional procedures cause the most damage!

Even the organic lines of skin care caused my skin to burn. I had given up on my quest to moisturize my skin. I simply could not do it. I was relying on my skins ability to produce it's own moisture, but still l needed help! Fresh aloe Vera juice healed my skin, yet could not provide the extra moisture my skin craved. I tried ever cold pressed oil with no success, as it caused my skin to eventually purge and breakout...

I ordered your face brush, and have faithfully been using it along with almost all your other tools for the past month. I love reading your books and have started incorporating juicing into my diet, hopefully getting to full raw. I have started to juice for my husband and 5 children as well. I actually have a routine now and by the grace of God, l am seeing positive results.

l have not put anything on my face in years, but last night was the first time l tried your beautiful pearl glow cream. My skin instantly absorbed the moisture and l was left with no burning feeling. My skin felt so soft and calm. l am so very grateful for your kind and generous offer.

I can not put into words how in awe, l am of your hard work and dedication! You both are truly an inspiration and l sincerely thank you from my heart. Thank you both again! With Love,

Z.H. (December, 2019)