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I had a Colonic for the First Time

Dear Tonya! I had a colonic last week for the first time ever and went for my second two days ago. I've decided to do a series of them (one every week for six weeks) to see how I feel. I had underestimated the power of eliminating toxins, waste, debris, and sludge.

I've been feeling very light these days and much much brighter. I feel more connected with other people and find myself looking up when I walk instead of down, which used to be the norm. There's been a change in my lungs as well. I can feel them expanding (I can hold more air) and can also sense things moving through me. I must say, it's overwhelmingly pleasant. I've also been eating a lot less than usual and not by choice. I feel fantastic. At night when I think I should be sleeping, I'm awake listening to music which is very calming and relaxing. I have a lot of steady energy.

Now, I can't say that it took two colonics for me to feel this way but I think they added a new dimension to my path. Vegetable Juices are a staple in the morning. Some fruit later, a large salad at lunch time and/or dinner. Sometimes I'll have a raw food sandwich (sprouted grain bread) with veggies which suits me just fine right now. I thought I had a flat stomach before but this time around, it's definitely flat. That pleases me very much.

For a long time, I had marvelled at the physical raw food transformations taking place but I had underestimated the changes that continue to take place on emotional/mental levels as well. I don't know how else to explain it but it just feels like my radar is sharper. I want to embrace the world. My capacity to love is greater. The other day I felt like I was having an epiphany. I was acutely aware of my surroundings, my thoughts, my feelings, and every sensation. I was high, I mean really high and I felt very expansive like I had filled every corner of the room. It was absolutely beautiful--to be alone with yourSelf and know that you're not alone. I have never experienced this kind of joy. And how? Because of the quality of raw food intake and the release of waste. Once this relationship is established, it's smooth sailing. I can't tell you how much gratitude I have.

When people used to say, 'we should be grateful for all we have', they were empty words to me. I didn't know 'how' to be grateful. And why? Because I was depressed, in pain, felt heavy and tired without direction or focus. When a 'dark' feeling knocks at my door, I can see it coming, like looking at a screen, but it lacks the power to unpack its bags and find a home inside of me. It leaves as swiftly as it arrives. That's a cue for me that something has shifted for the positive. So, yes I'm very grateful. I see with 'new' eyes. Thank you for a great website. It is truly inspiring and uplifting. 

Grace (November, 2008)