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I just had to tell you this - you seem to be on my mind all the time these days, as I have been thinking about the fascinating new and unorthodox ideas I have read about on your website. I even...

Laurel (1/19/2013 )

I cannot live without the Night Cream! First of all I use it days and nights.

Camille (1/13/2013 )

Just  a quick note to let you know how happy I am to have received such a quick and efficient service from Beautiful on Raw. Having worked in the service industry for over 22 yrs (no longer) I...

Sylvie (1/8/2013 )

Dear Tonya, thank you for this newsletter.  The articles are as ever interesting, the recipes beautiful and the Mathilda Klein video is so inspiring that I have determined to follow her example...

Moyra (1/7/2013 )

Hi Tonya, just wanted to send a quick letter to say thank you for your book Raw Food and Hot Yoga. I just began to read it and am inspired. I have been researching yoga and raw foods for many years...

P.B. (12/19/2012 )

Thank you Tonya. Thank u so much. Your dry brushing advice gave me miracles and facial exercises too. But i still couldn't be 100%  raw. But i always try to add raw salad for my meal.

Vishaka (12/10/2012 )

I have had problem skin (constant breakouts) since my teenage years, I'm now 58. For a month now I've been using your skin brush, moisturizer, mask, & mask brush, and I'm seeing amazing results...

Phillip (12/3/2012 )

I am loving your products. Your cream is the best moisturizer I have ever used. I would like to try the Violet Ray for my greys and to stimulate my skin. Thanks.

Sonya (11/26/2012 )

Thanks Tonya [for the newsletter What I am up to at 54].  I'm 59 but most people don't even come near guessing my age.  Looking for a ballet class to sign up for as I type. :)

Myriam (11/23/2012 )

Love your facial cream! Only facial moisturizer that feels amazing on my skin and makes my skin look beautiful. Thank you for creating it and sharing your gifts and knowledge with the world.

Sarah (11/21/2012 )