Thanks Tonya [for the newsletter What I am up to at 54].  I'm 59 but most people don't even come near guessing my age.  Looking for a ballet class to sign up for as I type. :)
Love your facial cream! Only facial moisturizer that feels amazing on my skin and makes my skin look beautiful. Thank you for creating it and sharing your gifts and knowledge with the world.
I just wanted to say thank you for the beauty you put out into the world Tanya! I discovered you one day on Youtube and am so grateful to have found you. You have helped me change my diet,… Read more
I loove the night cream. It really feels like a luxurious raw cream. It absorbs and glides on my face like raw flaxseed (not "butter" since I am 100% raw vegan). Thanks for your continued effort to… Read more
Watched all your videos. Thank you, I learned a lot. Using your mask and cream daily. And eating about 70% raw. Feeling phenomenally good! So much energy, 4-5 hrs a sleep is sufficient now. You look… Read more
...And about the toothpaste, it is so powerful, it feels like I have new teeth! So clean and healthy!
Hi Tonya, in January, I will be raw for almost a year now (ok, I am mostly raw and yes 100% raw on some days)...I do facial exercise (2 years)...and these new rollers have made a big difference in my… Read more
Thanks Tonya for making such great products...I am looking forward to trying your night cream and oral paste. I love your day cream and the facial skin feels great as a result.... I also… Read more
The last time you were here in Asheville, NC, I was very happy to meet you. I would love to see you again, love all the products that I have bought from you. The Rolling Bed of Pins and the cream are… Read more
Hello Tonya, I just wanted to write to let you know that I am thoroughly enjoying the several products I recently purchased from you website. I have been using your scalp tonic for a while now, and… Read more