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A Smaller Waist in Two Months

Published: (January, 2023)

A Smaller Waist in Two Months

1. The Japanese Towel Method

Have your heard about this? Even if you’re already familiar with the Japanese towel method for losing weight and reducing your waist size, it’s worth a review here. This is such a great exercise that, if you’re not already doing it, you should start today.

The story…Japanese doctor Toshiki Fukutsudzi, a physical therapist, looked for a way to help patients with back pain and bad posture. Over a ten-year span, he developed an effective exercise. As you watch our model, do this…

Roll a bath towel tightly into a log, two or three inches thick. Stretch your legs out as you lie face-up on the floor or any hard surface. Put the rolled-up towel directly under your navel. Place your feet shoulder-width apart, toes touching one another. Raise your arms above your head, palms down, pinky fingers touching. Stay in this position five minutes a day.

Your first time will be surprisingly challenging—five minutes will feel like twenty. But it gets easier each day. And it works, strengthening core muscles and improving posture.

This method has taken the internet by storm. Posts claim you’ll lose weight and reduce belly fat. For most people, a pelvic misalignment contributes to an extended stomach. This exercise does work to align your pelvis and spine, so it certainly will help in keeping your internal organs in their correct position and reduce your middle line. But all this will certainly take more than the mere month some websites claim. 

To make sure you do lose weight and reduce your waist, I offer two more solutions that will give you a smaller waist in just two months. 

One is raw foods.

Raw Foods and Your Waist

There are many benefits to the raw food lifestyle. But here’s one I came to appreciate just recently. In my twenties and thirties, I’d buy a piece of clothing. I loved it, but soon couldn’t wear it because I’d gained a few pounds. So, at any given time, I had only a few favorite pieces I could wear. Still, my closet was full of tops, pants, and dresses I was keeping, hoping I’d be able to get into them “someday.”

The problem vanished when I went raw in my late thirties. My weight and basic measurements…stable. I could get into those outfits I’d been hanging on to. It’s especially handy now when I take dance classes and have the chance to dress up more than I might do otherwise. What a wonderful feeling to put on clothes you haven’t worn in twenty plus years…and they fit!

Go as deeply raw as you can manage. Going raw completely resolved my endless struggle with weight. It dropped off effortlessly. In just two months I had a smaller waist—permanently. 

Intermittent Fasting will help you to keep your small waist for years to come. The idea is to quit eating by 3 pm. Start gently, with 4 or 5 pm food curfew. My last daily meal usually starts at 2 pm. By the time I’m done, it’s around 2:30 pm. After that, the thought of food just doesn’t cross my mind. It’s like a switch turned off. At first, it might look challenging, but you can do it. It'll become very easy in time. I can’t imagine eating any other way.

My own Quantum Eating practice is a version of intermittent fasting that’s been popular lately. But when I wrote my book  Quantum Eating: The Ultimate Elixir of Youth, I’d never heard of it. Now, many studies have shown the innumerable benefits of intermittent fasting. For me, it’s not fasting—it’s a lifestyle. I’ve been following it for about 16 years. And I believe Quantum Eating is the easiest way to make intermittent fasting work for life.

I’m not sure the Japanese Towel Method alone will give you a smaller waist. But use all three of these methods, and there’s no doubt you’ll succeed.

Keeping a small waist when you’re over fifty—now, that’s an accomplishment! But you need to take care of your skin to match your body’s youthfulness. That’s why, in my approach to slowing down aging, raw foods and skincare are inseparable. Your desire to look youthful must work on every level, in every aspect: your general health, skin, hair, lips, under-eye area—all of it!





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