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Best Way to Detox Your Body

The best way to detox your body—thoroughly—is to consume ONLY raw, organic vegetable food.

Upgrade Your Diet

Whatever your current dietary situation—vegan, vegetarian, near-vegetarian, or any mainstream dieter—you can benefit from cleansing and detoxing and doing it all-raw, though the worse your dietary choices have been, the better idea it is to take raw food detox slow. If you have serious health concerns, then learn as much as you can before considering any kind of raw food diet detox.

How Does it Work?

One truth: It’s not for the faint of heart. Stripping the toxins from your body takes more than adding the proverbial “an apple a day.” In any raw food detox diet plan, it’s not only what you do eat that counts, and also what you don’t eat. Why? Because it makes no sense to keep stuffing toxins in while you help your body clear them out.

How Long Does it Take?

It takes time to detox. A single day on raw, organic veggies is just that—a day. Very little detox takes place if you go back to a poor, high-tox diet right afterwards. Significant detox takes days to a week or more. High-level detox—months, even years.

How to Get Started

Learn about what raw food recipes would be helpful to eat when detoxing. There are several reasons raw fresh, organic fruits and vegetables help you detox. First, these foods are easy and quick to digest. That means more energy is freed for other bodily functions—the detox systems included. Second, any good raw, organic raw detox diet contains tons of biologically active water. That’s what vegetables mostly are, by weight. What’s more, it’s the right kind of water, the kind that helps you digest well, the kind that doesn’t come from a plastic bottle, doesn’t carry fluorides or pesticides. Water is vital in a raw diet detox. Water, after all, is what “flushes” your system, whether through the urinary tract or through your skin.

What to Expect

You’ll find great advice on choosing a raw-foods detox diet plan in my books and on my website. One caution: Don’t get too gung-ho. As you raw detox, you’ll experience both feeling better and a bit of feeling worse—fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, cold-like symptoms are common at first, but these detox symptoms will disappear with time. The best raw detox diet for you won’t necessarily be one that comes from a book or a website or some guru with a strict prescription. No, the best detox diet plan for you will be the one you can stick with. That way, you’ll come to enjoy all the sooner the revivifying, rejuvenating delight of a true raw-foods lifestyle!

Learn More

With mainstream culture constantly trying to turn us away from healthful lifestyle choices, you will want to keep yourself educated and encouraged in your raw journey. Reading about the steps others took and staying up-to-date on new research is invaluable.