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Release date: 11/22/2012

You will get what you settle for, so don't settle!

Release date: 10/24/2012

Beware the myths of shrinking brains!

Release date: 9/23/2012

Yes, it's actually healthy to skip meals, despite what you've been taught to the contrary.

Release date: 8/7/2012

I love the back and forth I have with you!

Release date: 7/23/2012

What does Tonya Zavasta eat?-we get this question all the time.

Release date: 6/26/2012

Who doesn't want skin that is as soft and resilient as a baby's?

Release date: 5/6/2012

If you suffer from dry skin, you don't have to.

Release date: 4/9/2012

Role models are crucial in shaping your success.

Release date: 2/7/2012

Words don't have to hurt.

Release date: 2/5/2012

Sometimes a raw diet isn't the right fit.

Release date: 1/20/2012

Some raw foodists do occasionally eat cooked food.

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