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Ageless Essentials: 20% Off to Feel and Look 20 Years Younger!

Published: (November, 2023)

Ageless Essentials: 20% Off to Feel and Look 20 Years Younger!

1. Do you have any case histories?

We're knee-deep in the holiday excitement, desperately trying to drop our guard and enjoy some festive bliss. But guess what? The aging process didn't get the memo about taking a break. Even during holidays, I'm hit with questions about wrinkles and saggy bits. No rest for the aging-curious. So, let's skip the holiday chatter and jump into the proverbial fountain of youth discussion, shall we?

Customer comment:

Tonya, I’ll be 59 years in November. The last couple of years, my face is aging and my skin is sagging—especially my neck... Do you have any case histories and photos of women at my age reversing their sagging skin? What particular foods should I focus on? I’d hoped to embrace aging. But it’s so hard to look in the mirror and see my youth fading.

My answer: Case histories? You mean in-depth, detailed examinations of specific real-world cases? Better yet: double-blind clinical trials, in which neither participants nor researchers know which treatment or intervention participants are getting? Some undeniable protocol that proves one can reverse aging and get that “fading youth” back at age 59?

No. Sorry. I only share what I do personally, with my own challenges. However, we do have tons of testimonials, sent to me through the years. These folks adapted my ideas to their own bodies and got results. It’s their own results that convinced them. It’s never me giving “proof.” I can’t chase skeptics. I’m all about getting results when each person conducts her own research on her own body.

Before and after pictures? Can you really trust this kind of advertising these days? With AI technology, growing ever more capable day by day, we’ll soon be seeing artificial images indistinguishable from real people. And soon, we'll stop believing other people’s claims, no matter who’s making them. But there’s one thing you can always trust, with confidence: your own results.

2. Twenty Years Younger…

I totally understand how my correspondent feels about aging. It’s very hard indeed to look in the mirror and see your youth fading. Year 1997…I knew it would happen. And I took actions...

I’ve been eating the best possible diet for me. I’ve been practicing my daily beauty routine. Sure enough, now, at age 65, I can focus on my dance classes—not standing before the mirror and feeling defeated. There’s real power in "I've done my level best!"

Last week a woman at the gym asked me my age.

She’s asked me before, so she knows. But, somehow, she wanted to ask again.
“Sixty-five,” I said.

“Oh, I wouldn’t have taken you for anything over forty-five.”

I thought: So much for my wish never looking over thirty!

In my fifties, people would guess me to be thirty-something. Not bad! I seem to be running, in looks, twenty years younger than my actual age.

What’s clear to me is that looking twenty years younger than you are is actually a pretty realistic goal. It’s a goal you can achieve by using the information and tools you’ll find in my books and on my website.

Here is an excerpt from the recent review. Clearly, it is from a satisfied customer who is pleased with the slowing down of her aging process.

I stumbled across Quantum Eating about 7 years ago, and fell in love with raw foods... A couple of years ago, I started buying Tonya's beauty products. THIS serum is the closest thing to the lotions and creams I used to make for anti-aging. I absolutely love it. I actually use about 3 of her products on a daily basis, including the tooth balm or Excelery tooth powder and the "rose cream". I'm 46, and my 12-year old keeps telling me to just say I'm 30 because no one will believe I am 46!

So many people ask for guarantees before they even begin their work. And it simply doesn’t work this way. You must do the work.

This means, of course, that you'll need to test health and beauty ideas on yourself. But here’s a bigger issue. Whose writings, in e-books or in media posts, should you trust? Once again, enter AI technology.

Now, thanks to AI, anyone can write a book. I’ve written ten titles (some physical, some only e-format). My first book Your Right to Be Beautiful took five years’ research, wading through some 500 books, along with personal experimentation. Now, e-books on just about any subject can be written, using AI technology, in a few days, if not faster, borrowing and reborrowing. No wonder the number of such books is rising exponentially, so many of them expressing a single mainstream view. In this sea of information, finding an original idea is becoming harder and harder.

I'm filled with gratitude for the opportunity to access these groundbreaking and innovative insights on anti-aging, like raw foods, Quantum Eating, and 100% natural skincare. I hope you’ll try them and witnessing your own results will evoke a similar sense of appreciation in you. So get to it, my friend!