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Anti-Aging Benefits of Raw Foods

Published: (May, 2014)

Anti-Aging Benefits of Raw Foods

Do Raw Foods have Anti-Aging Benefits?

Every once in a while I receive an email which goes something like this: How can you promote the raw food diet? I tried it and it didn't work for me. 100% raw is not for everyone.

I have often asked myself whether the raw food lifestyle can truly work for everyone.

Last month my husband and I went to China see our son, who is 33, get married. Several of his old high school friends also traveled to attend his wedding. These were grown men his age that I knew when they were teenagers, and I received many comments from them when I ran into them again.

"You look great!"  "Your complexion is so youthful!" And so on.

These are not usual complements 30+ young men tell to a 56 year old woman. They all said they will look into raw foods, because they saw the "proof."

I took these compliments as a testament to the anti-aging power of the raw food lifestyle. I feel immense gratitude that I have been privileged enough to discover the raw food secret, and that I have been given the opportunity to share it with all of you.

For anti-aging benefits, nothing beats the raw food lifestyle. When you don't see someone for a long time and that someone has been eating regular cooked food, you can see "maturity" in his body. It's like there's a thickening of tissues taking place.

On raw foods, when people look at you, they do a double take. Something's amiss. They know you're not twenty anymore, yet you move like you are. There is a hint of a youngster in you and they want to know how you managed to achieve it. Whether they'll actually commit to your lifestyle - that's a different story. But the interest is always there.

After sixteen years of living and studying the raw food lifestyle, the conclusion I've come to is that it can work for everyone if they remain dedicated to the diet and do not quit until they find their own way.

So, if raw foods don't work for you, then there's something you're not doing right. There is definitely something that you should be doing that you are not doing. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what that is because it's something unique to you and your body. Be attentive to your body's feedback. It can be a compromised digestive system, it can be parasites, or perhaps emotional or psychological issues that complicate the transitional process and prevent you from reaping the full benefits.

Read my books and blog articles, and read what others, who have succeeded with this lifestyle, have written, and you will find out what that something is that you need to do to make the raw food diet work for you. I guarantee the answer is there somewhere, but only you can recognize it and only you can solve your own raw food riddle.

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In 2006 I developed a face cream using sea buckthorn oil, which contains a rich source of antioxidants and is used to treat everything from skin blemishes to arthritis. Upon release it became an immediate success and many of my customers have been loyal to this cream for years. They insisted that I do not change the formula, not when the original had worked so well for them. But I felt that I owed it to them, and to potential customers out there, to keep abreast of the latest developments and the latest technologies in the cosmetic industry.

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All cream formulas must be changed every once in a while, because your skin gets accustomed to the product.

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