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Best Time to Eat for Optimal Health: New Scientific Data

Published: (October, 2013)

Best Time to Eat for Optimal Health: New Scientific Data

About eight years ago, I discovered from my own experience that the best time to eat is within the first eight waking hours of the day and that it's best not to eat at all during the remaining sixteen. The anti-aging results were so impressive I felt compelled to write what's been my most popular book to date - Quantum Eating.

Quantum Eating

Look younger and feel younger.

I found support to my practice in ancient eastern teachings surrounding the notion of "meridians." Every meridian, says this theory, along with the organs it passes through, has its own natural two-hour window of highest activity. 

Science now offers more support than ever for the optimum time-frame concept.

We've known for a long while that eating, working, and performing other major activities out of synch with our natural circadian (daily) rhythms carries a health risk. For example, studies have shown that night-shift workers are more prone to metabolic disorders than those that work during the day.

The front cover article of the September issue of The Scientist states that there is definitely a "correct" time for eating. So when is it? Continue reading here...

Can You Eat your Way to Dental Health?
It's here!...the latest edition of my e-book The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth. So what's new?

The Raw Food Diet and Your Compromised Teeth

Prevent trouble with teeth and avoid dental dangers.

I added a new chapter-Can You Eat your Way to Dental Health?-as a response to Ramiel Nagel's book: Cure Tooth Decay. Most important for teeth health, in Ramiel's view, are the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, found in such foods as fish, raw butter, caviar, fermented cod liver oil, sea food, beef, duck and chicken liver, ghee, goat cheese, eggs from pastured animals, raw cream, raw milk, bone marrow, brain, kidney, and glands-every one, you'll note, from the animal kingdom.

Before you start eating from this list in an effort to heal your gums and teeth, please hear me out. I promise you'll not be disappointed. It's vital to see the whole picture before deciding how to approach your dental health. You'll find lots more tips and a new Afterword guaranteed to make you think.