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I Enjoyed Quantum Eating Very Much

Hi, Tonya

THANK YOU so much for coming to Tallahassee again. I am looking forward to your new presentation that you mentioned you are working on. I enjoyed Quantum Eating very much. I was aware that Arnold Ehret had written that the less water you drink during a fast, the more quickly and efficiently the fast would work. In fact, during one of my fasts I purposely drank less and less water but I think this was the cause of a very painful kidney stone experience. I'm glad to have read about the 'dry fast'. I did a day and a half dry fast, followed by a day and a half juice fast, followed by resumption of the raw food diet.

Three weeks ago I took one of my Jack Lalanne juicers to work. I set it up every morning when I get there and leave it set up for most of the work day. I juice three or four times during the work day. I found that even with this centrifugal juicer you can get a lot of deep green juice from collard greens. I usually juice a combination of celery, cucumber or zucchini, and collard greens with grapefruit sometimes added in. I am so tickled to get GREEN juice four times every day at work.

In the past I had given up on trying to get green juice from a centrifugal juicer because with things like lettuce and spinach I would get a very minimal amount of juice and most of the greens just got shredded up and ejected into the waste bin. Collard greens make the difference.

After spending a week at Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Springs, I am convinced I need to give up drinking so much fruit juice (easy to make) and drink mostly green juice. I have a Green Star juicer but it is much more trouble to use and clean. I could never use it at work.

Thanks to your ideas on water drinking I have overcome an unconscious practice of drinking water even when not thirsty just because water is "good for you." Since I started juicing so much three weeks ago, and having resumed the 100% raw diet (with lots of green smoothies) I have drunk NO WATER (except for a few mouthfuls one evening after having eaten too much tahini earlier in the day.) I never would have even had the idea to try such a thing before reading about dry fasting and being reminded that there is so much liquid in a raw diet that water is not so necessary.

I used to make a gallon of distilled water every other day. It reminds me of the point that you often make, that when you get on the super health (raw) highway you are 'on your own'. Forget about what the medical experts say. They haven't a clue about paradisaical health. It is an unknown zone to them.

You are a big help in helping me to stay raw and I am very grateful to you for that.


C.S. (March, 2008)