December 2010 & January 2011 Testimonials

February 7th, 2011

December 2010 & January 2011 Testimonials

1/20/2011 Tonya! You look awesome on your new video “Raw Food Weight Loss”!  I so want to be like you!  I bet that’s music to your ears... I’m trying and did well last year but I want to do even better this year... I was so happy to see you have a new product – Bentonite Oral Balm!  I have been brushing my teeth with Tooth Soap but am eager to purchase yours to try it out.  I am certain it will be superior like all your other products. I’ll be making an order soon, am running out of the masque so will order it together. Can’t wait to try the oral balm.  And of course I can’t live without the masque anymore.........I absolutely adore it! Thank you so much for your contribution to health and beauty.- C.A.

1/19/2011 Dear Tonya, I wish I can meet you in person. You are such an inspiration! Each month, when I receive your newsletter, I get a boost in energy!!!!! For the people around me, I am a different person! Imagine if they see you!!! Since 2007, I am on and off the raw food wagon. When I am on, I feel good, I lose weight, and when I fell off , I feel bad, I have little pains every where, and of course, I gain weight.  Seeing you in person must be such a boost!  But Montreal, Canada, is far away from your place!!!!!! I will turn 59 next month, and I promise me this is it: I will have the slim healthy body I deserve, before I turn 60. I thank you again. --B.B.

1/18/2011 Thank you Tonya. I've already been enjoying many of your on-line articles and videos. You are very inspiring, and I am always looking for new inspiring material. Have been transitioning since the 1970's when I became a vegetarian at 50%-70% raw and then three years ago gave up the dairy and started the green smoothies and doing about 80-90% raw. Today is my 18th totally raw day. This is the longest I've ever been raw, and it feels so much easier than ever before that I believe at this point, there is no going back.

01/16/2011 Dear Tonya, I hope you are doing well.  Because of you I am 75-90% raw since learning about raw foods from you back in 2005.  Thank you so much for helping my health.  I continually am working toward 100% raw. --D. H.

1/14/2011 Hi, I have just finished reading Tonya’s Raw Food and Hot Yoga book and found it fascinating. I am a Bikram yoga addict myself, and I am trying to find out as much as I can about raw food with a view to at least attempting a semi-raw existence.—G.D.

1/11/2011 Dear Tonya and co, let me firstly say that I am a huge fan of  your products and articles.  I especially love your face cream, and am so pleased to have finally found a shampoo and conditioner that not only cleans, but detangles, smells good and leaves my hair feeling healthy, shiny and soft.  Thank you for working hard to produce such quality products. I own and we are always looking for new products to add to the e-shop.  I think your products fit our ethos and I would really like to know how I can go about purchasing wholesale and selling them on my website. My company is a growing UK business and a quick google search showed me that no one sells the shampoo and conditioner in the UK, is there a reason for this? Please could you get back to me with a wholesale price list. Thanks. Kind Regards, --G.

1/4/2011 Hi there - I recently purchased your Rawsome Flex book and I started to notice that on the days I do the exercises, especially the ones that work the muscles around the eyes, my long distance vision improves that very day.  The improvement is absolutely undeniable - other words, objects in the distance are sharper, clearer and more defined.  When I skip the exercises for a few days, my long distance vision isn't as sharp as on the days when I do them. Thank you for your wonderful work. Much love, --M.

12/20/2010 Hi Tonya! What a blessing to have come across your information at just the right time in my life. I want this so badly and have failed previously. You have the most honest, thorough info out there and I can't wait to change my life! …Thank you so so much and God Bless you and what you are doing. –W.M.

12/20/2010 Hi there, I just want to say I am so glad I found you! I purchased your book 2 months ago and have been following your facial exercises & massage as well as trying really hard to eat as advised.  I am seeing great results, many times I am very limited for time and can only do the facial exercises once a day do you thing I should increase the repetitions? Once again thank you so much for such a great book! Kind regards, --J.T.

12/2/2010 Hi Tonya, after watching your facial exercise video, I really wanted to know more about the subject. So yesterday I ordered your two latest books on your website: Raw Food and Hot Yoga as well as Rawsome Flex (I already own all of the others). I can't wait until I receive the package. You look gorgeous and your skin is absolutely beautiful.  Every month I look forward to your newsletter and really appreciate all the information, recipes etc. that you share with your readers. You are always an inspiration. …And, of course, if you ever plan a trip to Germany, please let me know.  I met you once at Hallelujah Acres about five years ago and have been tremendously inspired by you. In the meantime, thanks for everything you do.  I look forward to all of your future projects. --C.R.

12/2/2010 God - I get so many emails!! I delete a lot! I decided to open the newsletter and read it... have spent an hour on it!! That's a lot for me. I copied a couple of recipes - the beet one looks fabulous! I also watched the video about the facial exercises...Thanks - it's cool! –L.L.