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Guide to an Ageless Face

Published: (October, 2014)

Guide to an Ageless Face

Do You Want an Ageless Appearance?

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Guide to an Ageless Face: The Smartest Skin Training System

Okay, Tonya... Why Should I Listen to You?

Skincare has been my passion for the last 20 years. I study and experiment all the time, because I'm chasing what many might think impossible. I've just gotta have it-the complexion of a 30 year-old. And have that even when I'm 60. As if that's not enough, I want to achieve it 100 per cent naturally. I must have that ageless face, as I'm getting closer to the dream I've had since I was a girl-to dance carefree, before an audience. 

It takes time to learn to dance. All the longer when you were born an invalid and have a pair of titanium hips. Before I could start dancing, in my 50s, I had to "fix" my disabled hip joints without medical intervention. The orthopedic surgeons gave up on me in 2001 and sentenced me to a wheelchair. Their community would flip, if they knew what I've achieved since, attaining normal mobility in my once severely damaged hips. 

Against that background, my skin care ambition didn't look to me so unrealistic. In my quest, I've learned a great deal. The most important learning of all-the one that changed my life in ways that go far beyond beauty: You can find an answer to any challenge you set your mind to. 

I discovered that the best, most original answers to problems often don't come from where you'd expect. Not from the common shelves of the mainstream markets. Good ideas so often start on the fringes. But by the time they become mainstream, they're no longer advanced enough, no longer the best. And I say: not good enough for you.

Everything in the mainstream is, almost by definition, clutched within the grasp of the old paradigm, of old-school thinking on its last legs. Something "everyone" does is virtually never the best. It's only that endless striving for innovation, for enhancement, that drives my ever-developing skincare system.

Because of my peculiar circumstance, you'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more about natural skincare than I do, even less likely are you to find those who've attained more satisfactory results, at age 56, than I have. Now, I'm giving away my own secret skincare philosophy.

Why am I sharing my secrets with you? Because besides natural beauty, I have another passion: quantum physics. Yes, it's true. I'm a complete geek. Graduate work in mechanical engineering, physics and mathematics... I'm a card-carrying nerd. But it doesn't mean I can't be passionate about skincare. So what's the connection?

Quantum physics offers one startling implication: We live in an undivided universe. It gives to the givers and takes from the takers. What I'm doing for you, I'm doing for myself. The only way I can stay healthy and youthful is by sharing my knowledge with you, and contributing to your health and beauty in whatever ways I can. And once you get positive results, I suggest that you, too, begin to share with others the beneficial ideas that have worked for you...

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