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Guide to an Ageless Face...Introduction

Guide to an Ageless Face: The Smartest Skin Training System

If you’re watching this video, most likely you’ve been receiving my email newsletters. So you already know that my favorite topics are raw foods and skin care. I’m all about staying healthy, reversing the aging process and having youthful skin. Many of you have been asking me to put all my skin care tips in one place. That will take some work. Right now I have a lot of material: 7 books and over 600 free-access articles on my website, and my skin care tips are sprinkled throughout. But you asked … So I have finished my new Guide to an Ageless Face: The Smartest Skin Training System.

Guide to An Ageless Face

The smartest skin-training system!

It’s an ebook of 16 chapters covering everything you need to know ... you guessed it ... to have an ageless face. I never thought that growing older could be so much fun. People compliment me on my skin all the time—and I’m fifty-six! I do have one advantage … however. After age fifty, there’s just not much competition out there in the beautiful skin department. So my skin care knowledge and practices help me to stand out. I want YOU to have the same advantage.

So I am sharing my “secret skin care philosophy” as well as the various tips, tricks and methods I utilize to realize my skin care goals. If you haven’t tried my skin care methods, then you’re in for a treat with my new ebook—and most likely for a life-changing experience. If you've already read the ebook, please leave a kind review on Amazon. To leave a review, go to the ebook's Amazon page, scroll down to the "customer reviews" section, click "write a review" and then leave a review and the star rating.

Ebook Download Information *UPDATE: The Ebook is now available in my Online Store in both Kindle (Mobi) and PDF versions.

Q: How do I download the ebook in the Kindle store?

A: It’s easy! Just follow this link. On the right side of the page, click on buy now with 1-click. You’ll then be asked to login to your account. If you don’t have an account, click on "I Am A New Customer" and enter in the minimal info asked for (just name + email + password). Then click on create amazon account, and you’ll be able to download the ebook. Enjoy!

What readers are saying:

Dearest Tonya, you have succeeded in merging science with words of inspiration. I have always seen Beauty as the expression of wisdom and love. The yin and the yang of life. You are sharing that with such directness ... and with your own direct experience. Beauty's essence is Light's glow from within our body temple. And you are a navigator. I love the book. I have taken it within ... and have begun numerous of the practices ... I will continue to let others know. In great appreciation. In Beauty,

— Mary 

Dearest Tonya! I read your book cover to cover ... I am so grateful to you!!!! This is a gem. Being an avid fan of your advice, i already applied before many of your health and beauty tips before,  and the results show. This book makes it even easier, it is the summation of all your advice in a structured logical sequence and easily convincing manner. I think any woman/man at any age would greatly benefit to do what you share :) even though - you don't tell us to do it. I am the living testimony (i humbly think)- that your method works! But what I love the most is the way I feel. I guess it is hard Tonya to convince people how amazing one can feel with so little food and so high on LIFE! Quantum living is a Truth. You are truly an Angel sent to us - when the student is ready the Master arrives. I look up to You and will continuously follow you through life as a guiding beacon of what a real Woman is and should be. You are amazing, brilliant, gorgeous, intelligent, determinate, consistent - and truly deeply all my compliments!!!!

— Mona

Q: I don't have an Amazon account. How do I download the ebook? Do I need an account to download the book?

A: Go here: On the right side of the page click on buy now with 1-click. You will then be asked to login into your account. If you don’t have an Amazon account, click on "I Am A New Customer". Enter the minimal info asked for—just name + email + password. Click on create amazon account. You’ll then be able to access the ebook.

But even if you don't have a Kindle, Amazon provides a free app to read the ebook on your smartphone or tablet. 

Q: Can I read the ebook on my computer? I don't have Kindle or Smartphone or Tablet — just a computer.

A: To read the ebook on your computer, first go to the ebook’s Amazon page. Click on "buy now with 1-click" and log in. You’ll be given the option to deliver to: Kindle Cloud Reader. Choose this option, and you can read the book directly in your web browser-no download required. If you don’t have an Amazon account, here’s what to do … Click on "buy now with 1-click." Then click on "I am a new customer." Enter the minimal info asked for—name + email + password. Click on "create amazon account." Select "deliver to: Kindle Cloud Reader." If you choose this option, you can read the book directly in your web browser—no downloading necessary.

Q: Can I download the ebook if I am not in the USA?

A: Sure! If you are from Great Britain, you can use Amazon’s U.K. site to download. Here’s the U.K. link: Canadians … Use Amazon’s Canada site. Here is the Canada link: Elsewhere in the world … You’ll find the site may not load. But there are many country-specific Amazon sites, like the two listed above. Ensure you’re navigating your own country’s Amazon site, then search for “Ageless Face.” You should see Tonya’s ebook and then can download it. Try other Amazon sites, if your home country’s doesn’t work. Keep trying—the book’s worth it!

The Ebook is now available in my Online Store in both Kindle (Mobi) and PDF versions.