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Have A Better Bowel Movement Today

Published: (June, 2013)

Have A Better Bowel Movement Today

Not only your superior health, but your flawless complexion begins with an ideal digestive system. 

Acne, blackheads, pimples, rosacea, excessive wrinkles, and other skin blemishes are not skin problems, they are gut problems. You might discover that dark circles, puffiness and eye bags will disappear once you tune the workings of your digestive system. 

So what's the first step you can take to improve your bowel movements? Let's take a visit to your bathroom.

Did you know that your toilet can be harmful for your health? Elimination is good, no doubt. But it's how you do it that determines whether it promotes or jeopardizes your health.

Throughout the west, and increasingly around the world, we now uniformly sit upon the porcelain throne. Even those of us who in our childhood had made acquaintance with the old-fashioned outhouse have known the comfort - splinters and aroma notwithstanding - of sitting down to do our business. But think back: Our hunter-gatherer ancestors always squatted. So do members of many tribal cultures across the world. Even in urban areas in many parts of Asia, eastern Europe, and Africa - unless you're at a western style hotel - the very word toilet may mean little more than a hole in the floor over which you squat, deeply, to poop.

Toilet designers, for generations now, have thought comfort, but not physiology. If they had considered how the human body works, we'd likely still be squatting.

So what's the difference? Dr. John Chiene took the time to compare his own fecal mass eliminated while sitting on the toilet against what he passed while squatting. The simple, constant result: less elimination when using the sit-down toilet. Why is this a big deal? Continue reading Have a Better Bowel Movement Today on my Blog.

Raw Food and Hot Yoga

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Hair! Hair! Long, Beautiful Hair...

You remember those lines from the old sixties musical Hair?

I always wanted long hair when I was younger. Back then, I couldn't get there - my hair was super fine, and I had to trim it often just to have any appearance of volume. But now, it's pushing waist-length. I'm having fun with it, as you can see from my pictures. All these ribbons and dreadlock-thingies I made from cut-off pieces of old knitted clothes. Okay, it's not very mature, not what a fifty-something woman is supposed to be doing.

Volumizing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner

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Blame it on raw foods-they really mess up your sense of conventionality. The raw foods diet in addition to superb health, brings you so much enthusiasm and love for life that sometimes you feel you're growing younger, not older like everyone else, even if you do have a wrinkle or two. Check out my YouTube video to learn what made the difference in growing my hair longer and fuller.