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How To Mount A Defense Against Aging Skin

Published: (April, 2013)

How To Mount A Defense Against Aging Skin

How to Mount a Defense Against Aging Skin

You and I are the same age, one reader wrote. I have noticed, since menopause began, that my skin's getting, well...yucky. I've started back juicing, but still eat a little cooked food, though mostly sprouted and raw. My question: Will my skin go back to being nice, thicker, and not so papery thin if I keep this up? This is disturbing, to me, Tonya, as I always had lovely skin before. I now cover up. I even feel, at times, as if no man will ever want me...

I understand what this corespondent means. You really don't know what aging is till you hit your fifties!

Looking youthful at ages 35, 40, 45 now seems so easy. Today at 55-it's distinctly tougher. That's why these days I try to learn from people chronologically older than me. Since the younger ones simply haven't met the real opponent yet, I'm looking to veterans for help.

Observe. Learn. That's what I do. It's observation and learning that lets you know whether your diet and exercise regimen will pay dividends.

Your Right to Be Beautiful

Realize your beauty potential!

Can your skin improve? You bet. Skin has a remarkable potential for speedy improvement. But...with chronological age, skin gets very capricious. Any neglect - lapses in daily juicing, for instance, or skipping out on exfoliation - can make your skin seem to age before your very eyes. At the same time, the skin is, among all your organs, most responsive to good care, both inside and out. Consistency in skin care and continued dedication to eating raw as much as possible are your two best friends when it comes to forestalling aging and your skin quality.

The fact is, 50s are unforgiving. Forget how your skin used to look. Only the present matters. Deal with what you have now. Your beauty routine will have to become more stringent ...Your skin will have to be attended to not only daily, but every morning and every night. But the good news, is that your skin will have no choice but to respond!

Your beauty is your health - seen from the outside.  And it's especially true after forty...Diet and exercise show far more tellingly on a person in the second half of her life than in the first. Do your very best for your  inner health, and outer beauty will follow.

Raw Food And Hot Yoga

Combining practices to make a better you.

We need, each of us, to strive to be the best we can be. That's all we can do. And that all, if you'll earnestly pursue it, is a pretty marvelous thing. Be ready for some aging - it's just plain gonna happen. Be ready to understand it, counter it, and gradually, conquer it.

The earlier you start the better. Don't fret about not looking twenty again. Anyway, youth is, as they say, wasted on the young. You can have remarkably good health, overall great feeling and appearance if you (1) start striving and (2) stop worrying. Do these things, and your fifties will be your best decade. And your sixties even better!

Cellulite, Scars, and Cupping Massage

Out of sight, out of mind goes the old saying. All winter it's hidden from us, under skirts, coats, hose, and for some of us, bulky winter gear that's awfully forgiving. But come summer, it's all out in the open. Cellulite. You know what I'm talking about: that skin on the thighs and buttocks, what's called, unkindly but accurately, the "orange peel" look, or even worse, "cottage cheese." See my Blog article: Five Tactics to Get Rid of Cellulite

The first four tactics work amazingly well, so I am happy to say, I have no cellulite. But I do have scars. My numerous childhood hip surgeries left my thighs looking like fresh-ploughed farmland. No more. What's made the difference? My myofascial release therapist suggested we use the cupping massage technique  on my scars. 

The transformation has been so impressive, that I became convinced cupping massage has great potential for skin rejuvenation. Scars comprise knots and meshes of fibrous tissue that the body has created to cover wounds. Cellulite may be stubborn stuff, but it's nothing  compared to the hardness of scar tissue. Yet cupping massage has greatly aided the recovery of my scarred areas, and contributed to overall skin regeneration. 

Dedication is the key. Every day for at least 10 minutes. No quick once-over, please - you'd only be fooling yourself. What's needed is a thorough cupping massage that brings healthy blood to the skin surface. And if it's regularly performed - cupping massage can, over time, help sculpt your body contours. To learn more about Cupping Therapy see my article:  Cupping Therapy...Skin Toning and Tightening

Cupping works. It's getting fans all over the world.

Venus Body Sculpting Cups

Enjoy smoother, more supple skin!

I use massage cups on my legs, upper chest, and upper arms. They work best, I find, right after a good session of dry-brushing. Super simple: Apply oil and move your cup!

Cupping massage may or may not be your cup of tea. But you don't know till you try!