How to Prevent and Reduce Forehead Furrows

May 1st, 2015

How Can You Prevent and Reduce Forehead Wrinkles?

We all have emotions - whether they be regret, disappointment, concern, sadness, happiness - all these universal feelings result in facial expressions, and they’re all, to some extent, uncontrollable. 

Emotions show up on your face. Most negative emotions crease your forehead. And the most predominant creases become etched there.

Start looking around. Over the next week, look at the older ones among the people you see in supermarkets, on the street, or at social functions. You’ll see furrowed brow after furrowed brow. Until, that is, you don’t. 

Sooner or later, you’ll run across somebody’s grandmother, grandfather or great aunt who has none of those worried furrows.

My husband has an aunt, age 90. I was surprised to see her recently - she looked downright attractive! At that age! How? Her face has the open, innocent look of a girl. Yes, she does have wrinkles. But looking at her, I realized that the position of the wrinkles matters even more than their number. What gave her that nice appearance was the absence of deep creases on her forehead. 

You know those creases. The ones that make a person look fretful, crotchety, even angry and resentful. Look at Nick’s aunt and you’d think she always had a kind, sunny deposition. And in case you're interested, she is indeed loved by all who know her. 

Observe yourself when you read, exercise, work on your computer, or fall asleep. Many of us over 40, and especially over 50, wear rather tense faces much of the time. Feel your forehead specifically. The tension is there. Our forehead broadcasts our worries to the world. If we have deep forehead creases, people presume we are troubled a lot.

Okay, most emotions are involuntary and therefore uncontrollable. But you can control your thoughts and your actions. Studies have shown that, if you want to become an optimist, you must act like one. When you notice you’re frowning, think about something in your life for which you’re grateful. And smile. It’s the best solution for preventing forehead frownies.

But what about the wrinkles that are already on your forehead?

I've written extensively about the dangers and undesirable side effects of Botox. So I hope you won’t be considering any injections or fillers. Take a look at the new product: the WrinkAlign. It does a better job on forehead wrinkles much more affordably, and with no negative side effects.

Learn more here: WrinkAlign: the Facial Liner for a Wrinkle-Free Forehead 

Take a look at the short YouTube video below where I demonstrate how to use it:

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