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Your Nose and Aging: Improve the Shape of Your Nose Naturally

Noses keep growing as we age. More accurately: They seem to. What causes this?

Your bones stop growing when you’re young. But certain bodily tissues continue changing throughout your life.

Your nose, which is made of bone, soft tissue, skin, and cartilage, changes shape as you age. The structures and skin of the nose lose strength with time. With age, gravity makes the cartilage in your nose break down and sag. Sagging leads to longer, droopier features. Your nose may come to look more projected and more pronounced, thanks to reabsorption of bone and other tissues. In other words, your nose gets pushed forward, as the rest of your face is withering inward, making for a less smooth, less attractive appearance.

Thinning skin—a common feature of aging—results in increased drooping caused by extra weight at the tip. This in turn brings on the appearance of a bump on the bridge of the nose.

Plastic surgeons, cosmetologists, et al., suggest injectable fillers, nose jobs, and similar artificial remedies. Not for me! But what can we do?

Consider…newborns often arrive with smooshed features—misshapen noses, ears sticking out. The cause is often awkward positioning in the cramped quarters of womb. Mom panics. Then the good doctor reassures her she can fix the problem if she’ll just work with it manually a while. By properly manipulating the affected area, you can eventually train your tissues to conform. As the baby grows and develops, these misshapen features fade with time due to daily external manipulation.  Even Prince Charles needn’t have had those protruding ears if such manual manipulation has been done.

Cartilage, in particular, can respond to manual manipulation. And not only in children. Here, sure, you’ll be going against aging process and you’ll have to do these exercises daily and longer to see real results. But, still, your nose will conform.

Nose Exercises

Exercise 1  ž  Nose Shortener

This one shortens and narrows the tip of the nose by exercising the dilator naris posterior and dilator naris anterior, giving your nose a more youthful appearance.
1. Using your index finger, push the tip of your nose up and firmly in place.
2. Flex your nose down by pulling your upper lip down over your teeth.
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
Repeat this sequence five times.

Exercise 2  ž  Bridge of Nose De-Wrinkler

This exercise works the procerus muscle and eliminates the wrinkle across the bridge of the nose.
1.  With the thumb and the index finger of one hand, hold the skin against the nose bone, across the bridge of your nose, either on the wrinkle you want to eliminate or directly under it.
2.  Pull the skin down and hold this position firmly.
3.  Raise your eyebrows to provide counter-resistance.
4. Hold this position for 10 seconds.

Repeat five times.

WrinkAlign Forehead Liner Can Help!

You can do this just before you go to bed, when you attach your WrinkAlign Liner. Apply it just a little lower than the standard position shown in this picture, so the central extended part goes over the bridge of the nose. With regular use in this position, the WrinkAlign will smooth the horizontal wrinkles on your nose and prevent new ones from appearing. Prevention, please remember, is always easier than cure.