Is the Raw Food Diet Right For You?

June 20th, 2015

Is the Raw Food Diet Right For You?

Several raw food leaders have had to admit, in recent years, that they're not 100% raw. The result: A fair whack of negative publicity directed towards the raw food lifestyle. "Not healthy:not possible” that sort of thing.

Sometimes my email correspondents send me links to articles or statements that say cooking makes some nutrients more available to the body, or that fructose in fresh fruit is hard on the pancreas, or that a vegetarian lifestyle clouds the mind. Here's an interesting one: "If Steve Jobs had eaten meat we'd have the iPhone 12 by now." These folks want me to convince them otherwise, to give counter-arguments, to assure them that their chosen diet is the right one.

Instead, I want to say the contrary of what they want to hear: Maybe the raw food diet or lifestyle is not for you.

Our beliefs create our realities. Thoughts first, physical manifestation second. Not the other way around. I believed my raw food lifestyle would keep me healthy, youthful, and give me the energy of a youngster. It has indeed delivered even more than I expected.

When I first heard the raw food message, every fiber of my being cried out: It's so true! Do it! What others were saying didn't matter. I was going to give it a serious go. 

For 18 years, now, I've never doubted my raw food lifestyle. Analyzed...experimented... altered? You bet. But I never doubted my direction for a moment. Never asked for proof. Certainly never asked for permission.

Once, someone who inspired me on my raw food journey reversed her views on being 100% raw. But that didn't ruffle me a bit. She'd been a catalyst for my development. That was good enough. Now my only guide is my body. I suggest that you use your body the same way.

Don't go raw because it's hip. Don't go raw, even, because you like the results Jennifer or Bob got. Definitely don't go raw because some guru told you to. Go when it feels right for you. Go with your gut feeling.

If your gut, heart, mind gives you doubts that its never gonna work, then it's never gonna. Not for you.

In my books, articles and newsletters, I share every aspect of my experience. I detailed the ideas that had helped me succeed and the mistakes I wish I had never made, all in the hope that it will help you. Still never look at me as a guru - Look at me as a guinea pig.

I've been practicing the 100% raw foods lifestyle since 1997. And I've been following the Quantum Eating version of it since 2006. That's my personal experiment. And I'll continue this experiment as long as it works.

I cannot promise I'll be 100% raw for the rest of my life (even though I do hope I will be). What I do promise is to be 100% honest about it.

I've just recorded a new YouTube video, Hemp Seeds Shake for Health and Beauty, showing how I make my favorite Hemp-Banana shake. I've been making and drinking this shake daily for more than ten years. Try it and see if your body approves!

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