January 2009 Testimonials

February 1st, 2009

January 2009 Testimonials

January 2009

01/27/09 Hi Tonya, I purchased the Bed of Nails roller and loving the results even though I’ve only been using it for a week. I also purchased Rawsome Flex and have been talking to my students about you and your products. They are all very interested in the roller but will wait until the exchange rates improve before ordering. I will probably be ordering for them in bulk. By the way, I was led to you via David Wolfe’s site. I downloaded one of your interviews. I’m very interested in reading more about Cacao. David heavily promotes this and I’ve read your comments also as well as a very interesting article that you referred to. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I’m looking forward to trying your products. -S.

01/22/09 Dear Tonya! Thank you so much for your research in bringing the idea of eating radish greens to the public! I also immigrated from Russia and I grew up eating radishes and their greens since that was one of the first fresh produce we gardened after a long winter. As a child I used to hate it whenever my mother would make a salad using radish greens along with new green onions and some garden weeds that pop up first in early spring for their bitter taste. Now I think it is the most delicious and unusual salad greens especially in winter for their warming bitter-sweet taste. I want to thank you sincerely for your January newsletter which mentally helped me to stay on "raw track" in cool winter. To me it is like reassurance that I am doing the right thing. We all need some reassurance one way or another especially in this cooked world. Thank you! Thank you! -N.

01/22/09 Dearest Tonya - PRAISE GOD indeed! Those words alone [January newsletter] are a fragrant aroma and sweet song to my ears and my soul! If God led you to certain Yoga movements and they are truly helping you, then by all means, you go girl! I will try to get the book soon - tight budget - but I have had issues with my legs and hips for years, and more so recently and although a raw diet helps me tremendously, I still have those same issues that even doctors can't explain. God bless you, Tonya!! You are such an inspiration!! -P.

01/20/09 Adding your facial exercises to my regime has made a huge and very visible difference in my appearance. Did I do as you recommended and take a picture? Of course not. However when I pass a mirror I am not cringing anymore. And everyone has noticed. So I tell them about you. As soon as my site is up and running, I will link to your site. -P.

01/14/09 Hi Tonya, I met you in Columbia SC at 14 Carrot. You changed my life, and your books furthered my development so much. I was new to raw when I saw you, now I am teaching raw food prep classes and opened the first raw vegan cafe in Columbia! It is called the Living Well Cafe. I highly recommend your products to everyone, in person and on my website. ... I completely believe in them, and you are so incredibly inspirational.-C.

01/15/09 Hi Tonya! I just wanted to let you know how excited I am for your new book! I thought Quantum Eating was absolutely brilliant, and was hoping for more from you (I bought every single book/ebook from you). For some time now I have been thinking about starting Bikram Yoga (thanks to you), and will do that in March. I already found a studio but it's an hour away. I will definitely keep you updated! I found out about raw a little over a year ago and was never 100% for more than a month. But I keep on striving and trying not to be all or nothing kind of girl. This time around I'm taking it slow and it's working beautifully. One thing that really helped is not eating after 12-3. I haven't been eating late for a month now and it's wonderful! I thought I could never do that.. It's like a habit now and will be difficult to break. -S.

01/02/09 Hi Tonya! I am sending you my photo so you can see how young I look as I eat healthy like you do! I just turned 52 in November of last year! I sent your website info to all my friends and family! People come up to me all the time and ask me what I do to look like I do! I tell them to eat everything as close to the way God made it as possible! Stop all the fake food! Get real! I will be ordering your face creams sometime today. I use only all natural products on my skin, and yours look like wonderful ones to try! It is so awesome that you have done all you have to help people! Looking forward to receiving your newsletters and information! Happy New Year! - L.

01/01/09 Good afternoon, Tonya! Happy New year! If you ever write about hair care in your newsletters again, could you please address the problem of oily hair, requiring every day washing? Are dry shampoos a good option, in your opinion? Should I "wait it out" and hope that I will "re-train" my hair to accumulate oil at a slower speed? I'll use this opportunity to say how much I admire you and your determination to become healthy and beautiful against all odds. You are an incredible inspiration to me and every honest health-seeker out there. -N.R.

01/01/09 Aloha Tonya ~ I met you and first got your products at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona this last September. I actually came back to buy some more, but you had already packed up and was not around. . .so, I want to order more products and give some to my daughter, who is an esthitician here on Maui and a wonderful healer and uses only organic and natural products. . .I look forward to when my products arrive. Blessings, C. C.