June 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

July 8th, 2011

June 2011 Raw Food Testimonials

June 22, 2011

Hi Tonya, I have just purchased your book on facial exercise and I'm enjoying it tremendously. At 34 and eating a high raw diet I believe I'm seeing results after one week of facial exercise. I also love your face cream and mask. I am able to use them on my extremely sensitive skin, even during eczema breakouts…I am almost finished reading Quantum Eating, which is absolutely astonishing.

I believe in my whole being that your words are truth, and our God wants them to be known. I am a Christian, and I love that you are also. The dead water, the dry fasting, the meridians in our body, all so fascinating and revealing. God's ways are not the world's ways, and thus, the truth about health is so opposite from the world’s.

— D.M.


Rawsome Flex book

Rawsome Flex

The raw food lifestyle and facial exercises


June 21, 2011

I like having your products around, what I've done is give them away as gifts. People love them! My son especially loves the mask for his acne and my mother-in-law loves the face cream.

— S.


June 14, 2011

Hi Tonya – thank you for putting your inspiring videos on YouTube and on your website. They have been a wealth of information for myself and my family. We have five children aged between 1 and 15 and we love raw food. My daughter who is 15 and I are both 100% raw and love the way it makes us feel.

We live in New Zealand and are trying to source your books second hand, as we are unable to purchase them brand new because of our financial circumstances, but are hoping that one day we will have them so that we will be able to learn more. I am especially interested in your views on calorie restriction.

I have in the past been very overweight (137kg) and am now down to 97kgs and enjoying the raw food lifestyle. I first became vegan and am now a raw food vegan. Its the best decision that we ever made!! Our children have all been raw for periods of time, and love the green smoothies and enjoy fresh vegetable juice. Just so you know that you are helping people at the bottom of the world, in little New Zealand!!!

Take care and God Bless
— F.J.


June 7, 2011

I love your newsletters, blogs, youtube videos and especially… products! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights and discoveries!

— E.


June 2, 2011

Dear Tonya, I just want to express my appreciation for all your work and research. Your products are top notch!! And I have tried most of them. My favorites are (of course) your Cream and shampoo/conditioner is the Bomb! My whole family loves the Oral Balm...especially my 3 year old! The sharing of your journey is a complete Inspiration!

I just wanted to share with you a healing tool that might also help with your healing or breaking up of scar tissue...check out ~Electro Acuscope...I recently had treatment with it for an injury and in an area where I have scar tissue...now the scar tissue is totally breaking down. As well my injury is well enough to train on (I do circus arts).

— K.

Bentonite Oral Balm

Bentonite Oral Balm

white oak bark & wheatgrass


June 1, 2011

Dear Tonya, you are such an inspiration to me. I know you have put a lot of excruciatingly hard work into your health, which is clearly outwardly apparent also. I was listening to an interview with Paul Nison and Ron Strauss over the weekend. Ron Strauss commented on your incredible glow of health and said that REALLY you look to be 35, and that you were the most disciplined person he knew of regarding being consistent with the raw diet.

I think sometimes we wonder if a person just has "good genes." I know many raw food people who don't look anything like you do and do not glow like you do. I was encouraged by Ron's compliment of you. Your beauty regimen must be what sets you apart from the others and also your truthful dedication to your diet.

Anyway, I was inspired by his compliment of you and your newsletter this morning to give raw foods another try. It has been challenging for me during cold weather to stay on the diet. Vegan is easy, but raw is very difficult. Thank you for truly walking your talk!

— A.


June 1, 2011

It is my absolute favorite cream ever and I've shared it with my daughter-in-law and she too orders it from you and loves it! I just want to say thank you Tonya for all your tips and great products. You are definitely getting younger looking with every video I see. How awesome! I am 51 years young and no one ever guesses that number! Thanks for all your secrets, I utilize them all!

— A.W.


June 1, 2011

Dear Tonya, I think back in October or November you had a video that showed how to massage your face. Is there any way you can send that again to me?… I am 60 years old next month and starting to get wrinkles. I am VERY interested in all your articles on how to rid them. I just got married two months ago to a younger man and I NEED to stay youthful to look good for him. Thanks for all your help.

— J.